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Fey Recipes - Dieter's Cake

Along with the semi-predictable nature of fey recipes, one stands out among all others, the legendary "Dieter's Cake".   Said to be the very pinnacle of fey recipes, this tasty, moist cake can be eaten guilt-free and while on any diet that doesn't involve gaining weight.


There is said to be a decadant cake which is both delicious and healthy. It a dessert that one can feel good about eating, and it is actually recommended to eat it.

Historical Basis

In the now-collapsed kingdom of Razanden, which was destroyed and raided through several consecutive military actions, there was said to be a gluttonous royal family, some of whom were said to weigh as much as livestock.   Supposedly, a king and queen with particularly strong sweet teeth ate so many sweets that not only did they lose most of their teeth, but they could also scarcely stand under their obesity.   They hired a multitude of chefs for exorbitant fees and gathered them all in the royal kitchens. Then they brought in the guards. They were given 1 season to come up with a delicious and healthy dessert, one that could make a person feel good about eating it. The penalty for failure was death.   The race was on, and after much fighting, several dozen escape attempts, crying, attempted cooperation, and a couple of explosions, the "Dieter's Cake" was said to have been born.


Most who were hired to come up with the recipe for Dieter's Cake were killed while trying to escape, killed by some of the explosions and kitchen mishaps that occurred while trying to make the dish, or were otherwise killed while trying to leave the country after the Eclipse Extermination¬†took place.   A handful of secondhand accounts of the dish's creation were spread, but each was missing one of more steps in the recipe, and the discrepancies were never truly reconciled.   This led to the dish being discussed by those dieting, a handful of chefs, and an extremely small number of magical practitioners.   The only reason the myth carries on today is due to those who wish to lose weight, but still eat cake or other such things.

Variations & Mutation

Dieter's Cake IS Dieter's Cake. Anyone who has ever been on a diet focused on losing weight, yet still wanting something not allowed in said diet would understand the appeal of this mythical dish. Its variations include cookies, tarts, muffins, and any other baked or sugary goods that one would generally avoid during a diet.   Now lost variations were essentially separate accounts of parts of the recipe. Some say there are Mela Berry, some include honey, one even claimed that meat may have been involved. Even if all of these variations were to be brought together, it is doubtful that anything resembling the original dish would result from it.

Cultural Reception

Considered an old wives' tale, notions of the Dieter's Cake are generally received with a chuckle amongst friends, not at all in academia, and with an eye roll from chefs who may have been asked to recreate the dish.

In Literature

The only recorded instance of this recipe can be found in one of the original 3 drafts of Kranjax's Classification of Arcana Major, Minor, and Some Things in Between, but no one knows that these days as those books don't let just anyone read their contents.

In Art

There are a few local songs about Dieter's Cake, but the most widespread influence is in tapestries and artwork in kitchens worldwide depicting a queen bowing to a chef holding a plate of shining cake. This is thought to be the long-lost Dieter's Cake, but some say that it is merely a birthday cake.
A chef holding a tasty looking cake before a queen. This is thought to be the mytical Dieter's cake
by Kranjax (with Midjourney AI)
Date of First Recording
3199 GA
Date of Setting
3198-3199 GA


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