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After Silence

Art & Text by Jan-Nikolay Jäckel
Logo made by Whitefox Designs
  All characters and character names, and the distinct likeness thereof, are property of the author. This work may not be reproduced in any form without permission.

Netherdyn: The World of Fallen Divinity


Netherdyn, once an eternal paradise crafted by the Divine Parents, now stands as a realm inhabited by a myriad of species and creatures, both young and ancient. Amidst wonders and terrors, the remnants of its divine origins clash with the corruption of the everpresent Netherhells.   The world's transformation came during the "Age of Silence," when the offspring of gods invited demons to resolve their conflicts, prompting Divine Parents to withdraw from their creation, leaving their children to fend for themselves. The divine silence left them without guidance or protection, forever altering the course of Netherdyn's history.   Yet, hope arose with the end of the Silence as new entities, referred to as "the new gods," arrived from beyond Netherdyn's borders. Though these beings do not speak directly with the realm's inhabitants, their influence shapes mysterious events that unfold throughout the world.   Amidst the Silence, demons attempted to consume Netherdyn and integrate it into the Netherhells' realm, leaving a haunting connection between the two planes, enabling demons to exert their influence over the people of Netherdyn in strange and terrible ways.   Once immortal, the children of the gods, including humans and albs, lost their immortality when their Divine Parents abandoned them. Now they struggle to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world.   The Netherdyn calendar marks years "After Silence" (A.S.), with festivals and ceremonies honoring the arrival of the New Gods, and others mourning the loss of the paradise that was once theirs. Netherdyn stands as a world shaped by its past and present, bearing the echoes of divine beginnings and the trials of a world left to its own devices.