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Mirios A Storied Land of Myth and Magic.

1568 ASK

Created by Laine, Lunkin, Veriss, Neo, Galb, Lethal, Menji, and Genji.


This is the world of Mirios, a place of men and magic. The spirits of the spirit world came together to create the world, but even they squabbled with each other and this conflict spilled over into the mortal world. With demigods ruling countries, invasions from the spirit world, and petty everyday squabbles, the universe is full of stories.
Throughout the ages, many heroes have risen to claim their place in history. In the modern day, the conflict in the universe is about to come to a head with the battle between the wounded god of darkness Sanri and the shattered god of Light Anetos.  


In days ancient, an ancient evil was unleashed upon the world from the continent of Nirann; since then it has periodically fought the mortal races of Mirios, being halted by noble heroes.
On the continent where the evil was first unleashed, tribes became cities and cities became kingdoms. The first dynasties arose in the Gendur valley, ruling for hundreds of years; in those years they battled each other and weakened themselves before the evils of the withering. One hero, Usorring Isshilu, united the peoples of Nirann and sealed the witherance beneath the earth, at the cost of his life.
In the years following, the dynasty fell and the successors bickered until the lord Aremi rose to create the first Niranni empire known as Soranna. His empire flourished for years before declining due to invasions and corruptions, being finished when the ancient evil struck its most deeply.
The witherance penetrated deep into the spirit world where those evil spirits battled those of good, tearing the realms asunder as the god of creation was shattered into many pieces in a divine battle. In the years following, war shattered the continent and it still hasnt recovered.
As of the modern day, Essukad invaders from outside the continent found their way to the arid southern half of Nirann, and have attempted to invade the north for more fertile land and resources. The Ascharian kingdom has since claimed to be the successor of the old Soranni empire and is expanding into the heartlands of the empire. The clash of these two empires has been foreseen, set against the background of a brewing crisis of the evil.