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Lorenzo Battilani | Member Since 18 Nov, 2019
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I'm a self taught artist and world builder.   I study natural sciences and apply what we know on subjects like biology, paleontology, geology and so on to create fictional worlds made to explore various possibilities that life can take to adapt to adverse environmental conditions or different kinds of selective pressures.   I also create alien civilizations with these tenets in mind, trying to give birth to plausible cultures with a history and ethics of their own, keeping in mind how such a culture could be born and what would influence these ideals in their society.

Interests & Hobbies

Fishing, Fossil hunting, Reading, Gaming, Studying, musical and movie analysis and critique, astronomy, biology and botany, sculpting and game modding

Favorite Movies

The whole Jurassic Park/World series, yes, even the sequels. Also enjoyed James Cameron's blue Pocahontas. Very fond of comedies, especially the old ones.

Favorite TV Series

Star Trek (all of them), Primeval (not the new short lived series though), Monty Python's flying circus. Several anime series, mostly those with more of a psychological element to it and with deep character study.

Favorite Books

The original Jurassic Park novel, several university books on natural sciences. I enjoy Asimov's science fiction work and other titles in the genre.

Favorite Games

The Monster Hunter series in general. Simulation games, mostly hunting and fishing sims. Tycoon simulators like park builders.
some very specific horror games.