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"Don't worry my dear. Our little family will take care of it."
— Queen Anne consoling her son"
  Familica, literally meaning "little family", is a secret spy network used by the previous dynasty that ruled over Bohemia and couple of other countries during the Holy Empires era. According to rumours, it was used for dealing with anything that could threaten the realm, be it mundane or supernatural. It was the most important tool of power and court intrigue and a key to the influence in the highest places of civilised society.   It is said that the brightest person, the holy emperor of the luminous crown, also casts the longest shadows and it certainly applied to this organisation. Joining its ranks would give you unprecedented and quite intimate access to the most powerful people of all (usually being the current monarchs, their siblings and the heir presumptive, but sometimes also influential scholars, ministers and religious figures) and their secrets, while instilling the fear and awe of everyone else. You were given the best education and training and unless out on a mission, you never had to worry about any life necessities - be it food or medicin or weapons, you always got the best. However, joining the Familica also meant relinquishing any of your individuality and all aspects of normal life. Once you became a shadow, your only job was to stay in the dark, listen and make any problems disappear. That was the price. You did what was necessary and you had little say in it.   It presumably perished with the last descendants of the royal family, but due to the chaos of recent war, no one is really sure whether they are truly gone or not. Many people believe they still secretly support certain aristocratic families who wish to get back to power be it by force or by sneakily wiggling their way into the parlament. Which is also the reason why no records of this organization made it to public and everyone keeps quiet about them. There is some bigger conspiracy lurking behind the scenes and there are many investigative journalists out there trying to expose the secret of the fallen nobles and break their grasp over common people once and for all.
Information Network
Alternative Names
Shadows; Little brothers and sisters
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I FREAKING LOVE CONTENT TREES!   29.6.2020 Update: I feel incredibly humbled by this entire experience - I have no clue how or why this article ended up on the shortlist anyway. Thank you anyone who voted, I don't really know what to say other than a million times thank you <3 I will try my best to have Curse You represent this community in the best light possible thorough the next year :)

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