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Dorralia Marigold

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Marigold: "Are you going to keep standing here for the whole day, or are you going to eventually let the citizens pass, which actually need our help?"
Ironfist: "Uhhhh"
M: "Is there a problem we can help you with? Maybe someone made off with your tongue?"
I: "No. Well, yes- no and yes. No to the second and yes to the first."
M: "So he does speak. Well let me hear it."
— First half of the first conversation between Ironfist and Marigold.
Dossier for the Shades only, on the briefing for Lord Gloomscowl, long may he reign. This information is confidential. Even if most of it is not highly potent in its contents, the methods of obtaining it and the fact they were obtained could be cause for unwanted attention on house Treiswir. Burn after reading.
The subject of investigation is the high smith of the Dorralian Wings, one Dorralia Marigold, dwarven descent, female, distinctive features are braided hair, unusually bright in color, and tattoos covering cheek, jaw and neck, mainly runes. Most likely to be found within the Main Guard, where she works the forge in the bowels below the ground floor. Observators report her staying here also outside working hours as her social contacts all seem to revolve around the city guard as well. No known spouse or romantic interest.

Origin and Heritage

Though carrying the last name of queen and city, Marigold is not related to the royal line in any shape or form, as far as we can tell. Instead her name is likely result of the orphan naming custom, as no dwarfs of the House Dorralia in the last three centuries has been known to have extramarital affairs and the family tree of the true bloodline is well documented.   More likely to be a child out of wedlock, that grew up in a religious or charitable orphanage. Given the lack of documentation in these places beyond a day of release, tracking down her original home has been deemed pointless, given that she does not care enough for it to visit one herself. Despite this low born beginning, has risen high in status, which speaks for a natural talent with metalwork.   History within the City guard to be detailed further below, because this also concerns Marigolds current social field.

Physical Attributes

The aforementioned talent is apparent in the improvements to city guard armor observed in recent decades. Conservative estimates place Marigold in her high fifties to low seventies. Having made a name for herself as a smith of important skill and standing in such young years implies, that the young dwarf could be an unrivaled talent within her generation.   Indeed her skill can be linked to at least two failed assassinations of guards who were in the way of the Shades. One was wearing a light chain-mail shirt beneath civilian clothing, which diverted a blade from his hearth and even cost us an agent.   Beyond her skill with a smithing hammer, Marigold posesses a build, that is strong for a female dwarf, rivaling untrained males in strength. One Observator witnessed her besting some lower guards in contests of strength during a late night revelry. Outside the aforementioned light hair, which Marigold wears in a traditionally male braid, and the unique tattoos covering her face, Marigold can be identified by light brown eyes and simple clothing, which often has shortened sleeves exposing her arms.

Social Field

Our copies of the city guards internal documents reveal that Marigold joined as a smiths apprentice in the year 5669 RE and within five years had finished the apprenticeship. However, instead of being sent to serve as a Journeywoman within the city, she was immediately assigned to continue her work within the guard by direct orders of Captain Trust.   It is unknown if the High Captain had ulterior motives for this unusual decision, but no matter the reason, it has netted him a loyal subordinate. Marigold is known within the guard as one of the older captains most vocal supporters. Indeed, most of Marigolds social circle is found within the walls of the main building of the Dorralian Wings. Known close associates include the buildings main administrator, Trardok Keensight, Bohrak Ravenshead, one of the main Investigators, and two elves, Targas ai Circalia, lieutenant of district Outer-West, and Oranel ai Circalia, a veteran city guard.   Her direct subordinates within the cities forge are kept at a professional distance, which is unusual for Marigolds character (see more below), but are treated fairly, making potential sources within her subordinates harder to flip. Finally, the subject has recently begun spending more time with our lords son, Ironfist, who was sent to the guard as our new primary mole and is posing as a rookie Investigator. The friendship thus far seems platonic and given the reputation the former heir to house Treiswir has, it is likely that he does not view her in a romantic light whatsoever, no matter how the young smith may feel or come to feel about the matter.

Habits and Personality

Dorralia Marigold could easily be seen as flippant and standoffish from a surface level inspection, but digging deeper, we could determine, that this is not all there is to her. In fact, one of several theories of her mind we have developed explains her sometimes rough exterior as a protection mechanism. Smiths are famously predominantly male and female smiths struggle to gain footholds in the field. While this explanation may work at first glance, it does not explain her behaviour outside the professional part of Marigolds life.   The subject is known within the Guard for her biting remarks, and none but Captain Trust are safe from her sharp comments, which are quick to question anything deemed less than sensible. Marigold continuously exhibits no tolerance for authority, questioning the chain of command and is open and vocal for her distaste for the cities nobility.   In terms of daily habits, the smith arrives to the Main Guard early if she did not spend the entire night there already. She organises the tasks for the forges, which primarily include repairs and new fabrications of metal work for the guards, plans more elaborate projects as requested from her and occasionally helps out with the actual hammerwork if it is needed. While her official working hours would end in the early afternoon, the young dwarf often stays within the building longer, socialising with the aforementioned inner circle or causing commotion.

Known weaknesses

When Marigold does head home she has a preferred route, which she follows almost always out of habit. Unfortunately the route sticks to main streets, which offer no long windows in which an attack can easily be conducted. Most meals are taken within the Main Guard, and infiltrating the kitchen of the city guard is generally not to be considered a worthwhile operation for such a low priority target.   From a social angle, Marigolds attachment to the Dorralian Wings and specifically to its Captain, Trust, is a much more viable option for causing Marigold harm or ensuring her compliance. If need be, she could be made obedient this way, though a strong threat is likely needed, because she would undoubtedly rebel or act against our interest the second we do not have a credible form of leverage anymore.

What Information should concern Lord Gloomscowl

Given that his Lordship has specifically requested this investigation after his son Ironfist was foolish enough to mention her during one of their secret meetings, a summary of this dossier is to be written, which will be delivered to the Lord between Storm and Cove.   Passages about Marigolds appearance would be sure to anger the Lord unnecessarily, and are to be omitted unless new developments require us to push his Lordship into a making rash or aggressive decisions soon after. In the same way, the closeness of his son to the subject could have a similar effect, though this information can not be left from the report for obvious reasons. It is therefore to be described as is.   Additionally, the passages on potential avenues of attack are of no direct use to his lordship and can be summarized to save space and time. The summary report is to be ended same as this dossier, with a reminder to destroy it after being read.
Burn the Dossier, now!
I: "I was summoned by Captain Trust. I am summoned to the guard."
M: "To do what? You have answered your summons now, have you not?"
I: "No, not the place, the organization." --- "Hey! Give that back at once!"
M: "Ironfist, of clan Rhakhur. You're nobility? Why would you want to to join the guard? Were you tired of being pampered by others day in day out?"
I: "Why do you care, why I want to join?"
M: "Oh my apologies your highness! I wasn't aware I should have a reason for questioning your highness. How rude"
— Second half of the conversation.

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