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Year-Ender Festival

... a 7 day event! Dedicated to Achievement, Community & Personal Growth! "Happy New Year-Ender!"

"You haven't experienced the thrill of an All-Year Ender "Bender"?" she emphasized.

"No," he realized, "My parents chased Casho opportunities during the holiday seasons..."

Drifting snow kissed her smile lightly, her warm eyes brightly gleaming beneath her wooly cap. "Oh... I hope you have a story to tell!"

With a playful wink, she turned, and crossed the lampost lit bridge. "Hey- Wait! Casiada!"

Brennan footfell over snow-tossed cobble, into the heart of the Year Ender Festival, where the lampent glow of magical lanterns floated into the gleeful night.

What magical wonders await us!
~ Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days at the All-Year Ender Festival

All-Year Ender, or "Year-Ender", is a global event that ends the old year and begins anew. It is a season of joyous giving; of one's heart and spirit, passion, and good-will; all in the hopes of creating treasured memories with loved ones! Or, perhaps, someone new! It isn't uncommon for people to form life-long friendships by the end of a Year-Ender!

Stories and sports, feasts and songs, celebrations and ceremonies, and unconditional love are the trademarks of this time honored tradition! Considered a World holiday, 7 triumphant days mark the Year-Ender Festival.

Come along! As we explore what it means to give yourself to the Romance of the Seasons, in another amazing tale from Arc Sagas!


All-Year Ender
World Ender &
World Ember 23'

World-Ember is an event held regularly by the World Anvil Community that prompts celerity & creativity! In November, 2023, we create pledges towards that end. During the month, we were encouraged to seek others- which I did and met a great group to write with during the event!

Join me next year in "World Ember 24'!"

All-Year Ender, World-Ender, World-Song Symposium & the World-Exemplar's Grand Accord, were unique opportunities to include World Anvil in the body of my work.

I encourage everyone to participate!

The following story is loosely inspired- by many things- but chiefly, by my first World Ember. This is my letter to the community- inviting you to discover and explore, wonder and be amazed, by what you encounter within your experiences. This will be something I'll look forward to expanding every year! Arc Sagas continues in 2024!

Author's Content Note

Within these colorful dialogue boxes is a narrative story following the events of Brennan & Casiada Townsend, whom experience their first Year-Ender! Whether you're into this sorta thing or not, I've separated the text into these bright quotes for your convenience!

One challenge of writing a Literary RPG is the division of Narrative Elements & TTRPG Specs. Through this learning process, I'll find my method!

Thank you- humbly, I welcome you to the All-Year Ender Festival, where I hope you'll find a story to tell or a new world to explore! Enjoy! : D



Day 1: Year-Ender Gala

"Year-Ender's Greetings!" Gala & Reception

Brennan made his way to Casiada's side. He caressed her hand, "Why did you run ahead?"

"Oh? Were you concerned?" She released his hand. "Come find me." Her steady, playful gaze was obscured by a throng of people, each in various colorful costumes and masks!

"Casi! Where are you going? Not again!" Brennan parted the engulfing crowd as his senses were awash in the spicy bazaar of sweet and smoky, savory scents of festival food, the revelry of laughter and applause, and the sound of gentle music through the snow-scaped streets.

Rosy cheeked Casters in tricorns smiled at passers-by, tossing wintry powder into the neon night sky.
~ Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days at the All-Year Ender Festival

The 1st Day is known as the Year-Ender's Gala- a celebration of this year's achievements! You're allowed to brag loudly, boast boisterously, and speak as much as you want about what you've done within the year; go ahead! It isn't seen as improper to do so! People applaud you with all sincerity! Story-tellers & artisans- from great minds to children, each one within a Community gather in groups to add to the Gala! With performance artists, acrobatics, band musicians, and street theater, its the year's most festive talent show- where there are no "judges" and your joys are on display wherever you are!

During the Gala, participants join from local regions or distant lands to share their stories, tales, and adventures with others, in hopes to inspire or encourage them to live their own. They wish to say that one thing that will motivate the sparkle from a child's eye. Circles of people form to hear others speak, engage in "Word Sprints", play various games, or engage in clever puzzles! This is also a great time for artisans, celebrities, and performers to share their newest works or ideas with others. Athletes, dancers, and gymnasts also march the roads as parades are often held during the initial Gala!

All competition is reserved for certain events during any All-Year Ender Festival, determined by an Organizer; it is considered distasteful or improper to incite & encourage betting or competitive events outside of those observed days or events. Unfair comparisons or harsh, unproductive criticisms are also held as highly dishonorable behavior, which can lead to one's expulsion from Festival grounds given enough severity.

Year Ender Mask & Costume Tradition

Casiada looked utterly ridiculous in the Fire-Bird Headdress.

"I'm surprised you took the time off," Casiada inspected a googly eyed mask among myriad others, "Did you tell your parents?"

Brennan started, " Well, you know, Casi, I've been thinking about work and-" before Brennan could finish his statement, she forced a Frog-Head Helmet atop his brow!

"... I'll call you "Moral! You can call me "Fable"! Let's pretend to be... who we want to be! This next year!" Satisfied with the precarious ornament perched upon his skull, "Fable" the Fire-Bird paid the vendor.

"You want to become a fiery bird?" Brennan chuckled.
"Moral? Fable? That's odd, don't you think?"

She smiled. "No. You've a good heart, Brennan. It inspires me- and it's irresistible!" she added with her playful, cheery grin.

Brennan blushed! Moral? ... Irresistible? he'd completely forgotten his earlier thoughts as she skipped and gently tugged his sleeve down the busy street.
~ Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days at the All-Year Ender Festival

People often appear dressed in a mask or costume during the 7-day Festival! Special rules and limitations apply in various regions, where the Year-Ender may look somewhat different. A costume or mask is a persona that represents the self by the end of the year- who the person is or who the person wishes to become. Not everyone participates in costume! Repectfully, there may be days in which this provision isn't observed; a guest at the Festival isn't expected to wear costumes the whole time! It is a fun part of the tradition to adopt a persona!

While the Gala begins on the first day, it is held throughout the Festival, allowing people plenty of time to meet and speak or listen, and observe the year-end tradition. Vendors and artisans craft, collect, and sell masks throughout the week-long event. A special tradition regarding the masks suggests that if one may come to terms with the meaning of the mask by the end of the Year-Ender event, then they will have great luck becoming that individual in the future! The mask or persona must be chosen on the 1st Day, the Gala, in order to receive the blessing!

Year Ender Time-Keeping & Sales Events

"Casi... stop playing around." Brennan tapped his toe lightly.

""Casi"?" Brennan prodded Casiada.

She mumbled, responding with a stylus between her lips, "Mm 'Fable'!"

Casiada sneered at Brennan before returning to scribbling upon her WAIV/PAD. In a whisper, she responded, "She's a Character, from one of my Stories. Clever but kind-of confusing. Writing in-character helps me focus..."

Brennan stopped tapping his toe. "Heh. Sorry, Cas- I mean! Fable..." he stammered, "... there's just something that's been on my mind, lately, and I think we..."

As "Fable" finished her work, a crowd of people spun from their WAIVs in her direction, each smiling and gesturing with "thumbs-up", satisfied with her publication. "Sorry, word sprints! Speaking of- let's go! You have to meet this year's Story-Teller!"

Brennan said, "Meet who?" before the chaotic "Fable" rushed him into another alley of adventure.
~ Casi & Brenn, a tale of street romance over 7 days, at the All-Year Ender Festival

Of the various commodities traded during Year-Ender, Time is the most valuable. Each person who attends understands this and respects each other's time. Those who are employed are given the option to take as many days as they want/can off for the Festival; those that don't are given extra wages for their services and particular gratuities and graces. Time-Keeping, schedules, and agendas are all well-respected means of protecting one's Time throughout the various ceremonies. Additionally, many sales are planned for the end of the year to liquidate surplus and inventory. Whether it's a hasty exchange or a lengthy encounter, most vendors and Story-Tellers will keep your time in mind.

Throughout any Year-Ender Festival, various tools and implements are bartered around the fairgrounds. Pens, paper, PADS, Scrivener, and all other forms of writing and recording implements are bartered. Having the resources to create and communicate are important to the functions of the event. Magic Lanterns are sold by various vendors and are found all throughout the Festival. Dice, cards, and other forms of story-telling devices are also sold and played throughout the Festival. Devices designed for specialized orations allow public speakers to reach their intended audience.

Brief Year-Ender History

Year-Ender Story-Tellers

"We play these games, with words and myths, to sharpen our cognitions. We read so that we may interpret, not only ourselves but the World, as well. It is spoken in a song that sings upon the air with subtle vibrations. What-?"

"Fable" interjected before anyone could respond, "MAGIC!" A crowd of people turned to glare at the fiery Casi, standing firm in her answer. "Easy; it's always Magic! Or Time! Is it Time?!" The crowd turned to regard Story-Teller.

Beneath a wide brimmed leather hat, tufts of pale blond hair dyed with age curled around the mask of a red fox. The Story-Teller stood taller than the crowd. Draped in cowls and furs, the Story-Teller regarded Fable with the slightest suggestion of a shrug and a bow, before laughing.

"Mayhaps! I'll entertain answers from the crowd!" The Story-Teller grinned at "Fable".

Casi, displeased with his response, was about to become quite vituperative, "Why, you!" but Brennan seized her about the waist and hoisted her away, flailing, into the night. His destination: the hotel.

What a long & exciting day it's been already!
~ Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days, at the All-Year Ender Festival

Traditionally, All-Year Ender began as a Proto-Human tradition, passed down from the Mythic Epoch. Small families of Northern tribes would gather to share surpluses of their hunts and yields, taking turns telling each other stories of the year's events. News was often held off until this day, if it could wait, and minor celebrations famously occurred for public declarations. Soon, others heard of the event, coming for miles with their own gifts and stories, ready to add their own distinct music, flavors, and inspirations to the community's jubilations!

Of the ancient peoples, Mythos Folk were the first to share their customs with the Proto-Humans- teaching the early Humans the art of weaving, pottery & Story-Telling. Elves would later suggest a full week; Dwarves suggested feasting days; Gnomes brought the invention of music; Maccin that suggested Time-keeping and other civilized social structures; Sijinn suggested the inclusion of "World-Ender"; Juul that suggested a festival of lights and snow; Dragons and Drakan that suggested a pyre in the new year's honor. Many more came together through the Ages to add to this rich tapestry of observances and provisions allowed for All-Year Ender.

It was their rich passion for Story-Tellers and the Art that became officially recognized as a World event by the Sovereignty, celebrated and observed by most nations. Everyone has decided a central Time in which the Year-Ender event occurs, thereby celebrating together in unison globally.

Day 2: Year-Ender Feasting

Year Ender's "Gourmet Gala"!

"Excuse me?" Casiada's tone was cold, "Repeat it."

It needed to be said! Brennan sweat beneath her glare. "Well! You ate too much!"

All day, he had watched her cram one scrumptious, succulent sweet after another and another savory bit; she was like a hungry cat! And the mead! Why "Fable" thought she could outdrink the mead-hall Dwarves was beyond Brennan! They're professionals!

Casi knew she overindulged; she hated when Brenn pointed these things out.

"I'm mad at you," she didn't mean it, "take me back to the hotel. Please."

Brennan laughed. Again? Ok, "princess"- your chariot. Hoisting her lightly upon his back, with the garish frog helmet in his hand, he returned to the hotel.
~ Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days, at the All-Year Ender Festival

The 2nd Day of the Year-Ender Festival is a solid day of Feasting! It was traditional for Proto-Human cultures to share their surpluses with each other during the second day. While food and drink are served periodically throughout the Festival, this day was special for early Humans, as it was known as the Day of the Cornucopia. Today, if it is associated with a wedding announcement and presented with a cornucopia of fruits, grains, and herbs, then a couple will have made a Harvest Promise.

Year-Ender Feasting is a special event that draws chefs and cooks to ply their artistry! Bakers create towering cakes and creamy pastries, culinarians trade recipes and rare ingredients, and brewers enter their drinks in tastings. It lasts throughout the day and as many events in Year-Ender, well into the night. Festivities officially end before the twin moon's zenith.

While supplies last! Tasty samples & curious cuisine from around the World!

Day 3: World-Ender Reparations

The Day before the World Ends!

On the 3rd Day of the Year-Ender Festival, the Gala continues and delicious food is served while time and space is set aside throughout the day for people to make amends for any past wrong-doings. A more solemn day for settling differences, developing understandings, and empathizing with others, it is a tradition to make your peace and forgive. Historically, several nations and countries have used the Last Day of Reparations as a means to address altercations. Peace and civility create remarkably successful Year-Enders!

The reason people do this is in preparation for the following evening. As the last day of the year comes to a close, a special ceremony is prepared the following midnight. This event is known in many languages, but commonly, as the "Night of the World-Ender".

"I forgive you. Oh, and that Story-Teller..." Casiada spoke, "I'm sorry I was mad at you last night."

"You were mad at me?" Brennan replied as the countdown began.
10!... 9!... 8!...

"Why don't we make a promise to each other, at the end of the world?" Casi's eyes were burning in the light of the magnificent flame of embers dancing by starlight. In the center of the town square, a giant flame reached to the sky. They were gathered among others, held closely.
5!... 4!..

Brennan spoke, "End of the World?"

"That's how this night ends."
"2!... 1!...

"Promise me we'll live forever, Moral."

"I want to live forever." 0!...

They embraced as the crowd cheered for one brief instance before the communal flame was extinguished completely. A hush fell over the revelers."
~ Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days, at the All-Year Ender Festival

Night of the World-Ender

Night of the World-Ender

Upon the midnight hour of the new year, a flame is doused, lanterns and lights are dimmed as a moment of silence is observed. Darkness and starlight enshrouds the revelers. This is an opportunity for those whose voices no longer carry to be heard, their voices spoken to those they love from within the quiet and tranquility. A person may keep a treasured memento or keepsake of the person, and when this moment comes, they are given an opportunity to remember their loved ones.

This event was once known as World-Ender and pays respect to Oah, Lord of All-Cosmos, who died restoring Life after a cataclysmic event at the beginning of creation. It tributes those whose stories which were cut too short.

" He held her through the end of the world, and it made him feel alive.

Snow and silence fell about them, but all he could hear was his heart beating with Fable's. As the cheers of Life's flickering flame restored brought happiness into their lives once more.

I want to live like this forever... but how? The thought darkened his eyes as the crowd roared with the revival flame once more.
~Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days, at the All-Year Ender Festival

Day 4: Happy New Year!

A New Year's Tidings!

Oah died in the process of restoring the Cosmos- yet through the actions of Hoqon the Champion, Oah was revived and restored to the Throne of Aeon. Without either Deities' intervention, All-Life would have ceased to exist.

On the 4th Day, following the Night of the World-Ender, the day dawns upon a new tomorrow- an opportunity to celebrate Life & Time! Children born around the Year-Ender Festival are said to be blessed, but especially if born or announced on the New Year. This is a day of renewals, as people become engaged with their resolutions for the new year. They're encouraged to share their thoughts on public forums.

One of the events during this day is known as "the Promise." This agreement is made for the entire year. It's an opportunity to reflect on the prior year and consider goals for the new year. Sharing the promise is a way for others to be inspired as well! The owner of a promise may keep it personal or commit it to embers, as a means to keep the promise burning in their heart with anticipation of the new year.

"I wonder how many people keep their "Promises"?" Casiada spoke it over her cup of tea. "Have you made one today?"

Brenn looked at the empty sheet of paper in front of him, then folded it into his pocket before Casi could peek. "Yes. I made a Promise to live forever last night."

Casiada snorted, "Moral! It's one thing to make a Promise, but it's another to live by it! You're not some Dragon or Elf! How do you stand on a Promise of eternal life?"

In that moment, he determined that by the end of the Festival, he would find a way to live forever.
There must be some way!
~Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days, at the All-Year Ender Festival

Day 5: Return of the Sun

Let the Games Begin!

On the 5th Day, normal Sports and Blood Sports resume! While the day is still a well-respected time for peace, it's also a chance for talented Duelists, athletes, and fighters from around the world to show off their mettle and prowess! These public events are known as "Exhibitions" and reward the contestants with heightened Honor (a form of Duelists' currency). There are a variety of Competitions including: lifting, pulling, grappling, and gymnastic exhibitions. Sports activities are held over the next 3 days!

Specialized Arenas are created for Duelist's Blood Sports. Children, and those who are prone to violence triggers, are unable to view Blood Sports due to a magical veil that censors the Arena, but Exhibitions in certain categories may be permissible during this time. The viewings are rated and sensitive material is always filtered in extreme circumstances. The second day of the New Year makes this a great opportunity to catch your favoite Duelists in action!

Casi enjoyed the guest announcers for the Duels this year. As Organizers for the city's Year-Ender, Brennan had seen them conversing politely with all the guests over the weekend. Now, they were deep in lively description of the events of a local Duel over the WAIV/PADD, holding Casi's rapt attention as she watched the Duel.

With her headdress slipping to the side, she corrected it as she bounced up and down, cheering, watching and listening to the commentary of the contests below. Kissing him gently, she stood, left her WAIV/PADD, and stepped lively towards the Arena; as she held the rails, her heart thumped with the impact of blows and the pulse of the crowd below.

Brennan wached her and the WAIV/PADD, unable to concentrate- while he was enjoying himself, he was also distracted.

How do I live forever? It seems impossible...

As a lumbering shadow crossed the table, the Story-Teller turned briefly from beneath a grey fox mask to watch Casiada. A familiar music seemed to play around him, gently whispering like ambient static between them, then he regarded Brennan.

"If only she had waited... Oh! You seem troubled, fellow. A riddle, then?"

"No, thanks. I have riddles of my own." Brennan looked away.

The kindly Story-Teller shrugged, "Troubles often are moral toils towards fabled reknown." Pleased with himself, the tall man departed. A roar from the crowd lifted from the stadium below. Left with Casi, unaware of the Story-Teller's presence, and the familiar tune issuing from the nearby WAIV/PADD, Brennan wondered if he was missing something.

Electrified, he was troubled into the night; until the next day, when he had reached an epiphany!
~Casi & Brenn, a street romance over 7 days at the All-Year Ender Festival

Day 6: World Exemplar Grand Accord

Day of Prestiges & World-Song Symposium

On the 6th Day, All-Year Ender invites many prominent and promising people to aid and sponsor activities within the Festival. Organizers are nominated before the Festival, selected from respected members of a given community. Their role is the execution of all events- throughout Year-Ender- in a timely and fashionable style. Seminars promoting education and learning are held alongside patrons and sponsers. Bards, Chroniclers, and Story-Tellers are all favored for their roles as entertainers and orators, while specialized Casters are given the role of safeguarding climate control and peace-keeping throughout the Festival.

Alchemists and Artificiers provide maintenance services on equipment and tools, such as the Magic Lanterns found throughout the Festival. Exhibitionists continue to perform during the 6th Day of Prestiges, when experts in specialized fields, or famous actors and celebrities, locally gather for the public. Guests, cameos, and interviews create a buzz of activity throughout the Festival grounds! You don't know who will show up- maybe someone from another Cosmos!

The Day of Prestiges is associated with the "World Exemplar's Grand Accord"- or, known popularly, as the "World-Enders." Nominations are chosen from around the world to participate in this historic event that has shaped entire cultures! People's favorites- from actors and celebrities to Meta-Physicists and Arch-Mages, everyone comes together to celebrate the achievements of every country of the year! This event is often sponsered by the The Sovereignty and on rare occasions, the Sovereign has been known to make an appearance!

A cherished event has recently developed known as the "World-Song Symposium" which uses the strongest WAIV/ Stratocasters to send and receive signals from other Worlds and interpret them through the year. By monitoring these cosmic emanations, known as the "World-Songs", Meta-Physicists can relate that information to the public while also exploring fantastic and inspring new realms.

It's a surprise revealed only once per year!
Host of this year's Accord, world-famous Organizer and Chronicler Vminkil announced, "All-Year Ender" is a magic phrase! It ends and begins every year!"

"Welcome! To the "World-Exemplar's Grand Accord!" Or, as we all know, the "World-Enders!" As always, I'm blissfully joined with my love- and I hope you have been as well!"

Followed by Hostess and Organizer Jhana, her energizing, graceful voice the subject of praise and acclaim, "We hope you're having a marvelous holiday season, everyone! It has been an exciting year, hasn't it? Before we begin this year's celebration of the World's finest, an intro from Autumn Harlock & the Seasons!"

Their electric voices and the familiar, gentle tune of the Seasons' "Colder than Stars" sang through the WAIV, as Brennan and Casiada huddled together beneath a blanket near a warm fire surrounded by a host of others. "Casi," Brennan broke the silence between the two of them.

She glanced into Brennan's eyes; he spoke, " I know what it will take for us to live forever. I have your story."

Serious, Casi twisted beneath the blanket and towards Brennan. "Show me."
~Casi & Brenn's last night at the All-Year Ender Festival

Day 7: Year-Ender Mementos

Let's meet again... next Year!

Following the night of ceremonies, the final day of All-Year Ender is one of departures, as communities begin to return to their normal lives and routines outside of the Festival. It is the spirit of the final days to remove any costumes or masks. These are now Year-Ender Mementos! Some people have wardrobes full of momentous costumes and masks, kept as a rich collection of their own lives. Many people will tear fabric from these costumes to form tapestries or quilts.

Above all, everyone takes the opportunity to bestow gifts to one another. These mementos are normally items or possessions bestowed during Year-Ender or held for this special day. Keepsakes, treasures, and memoirs are all wonderful gifts passed between loved ones that shows esteem and value not in the item but in the moment of sharing. Gifts are often concealed in colorful or inventive ways, as to surprise their recepient!

The day concludes all events as merchants and vendors, troupes and groups, and family members begin to travel once more. Rejuvenated from their Year-ender experience, these people go on to live extraordinary lives, returning each All-Year Ender with new and vital stories full of Life.

All-Year Ender is a season of patience and abundance, trust and understanding, inspiration and wonder; of blessed transactions, changes, and renewals. Participants look forward to the coming year and what surprises may await them next "All-Year Ender!"

Epilogue/ Street Romance at World's End

" Casiada awoke that morning to a fresh spread of her favorite breakfast, Slime Jam on Toast with berries and pulpy orange juice.

She consumed the meal quickly, her energy vastly depleted. Cassiada licked sticky jam from her fingers, smiling contentedly.

The packing had been done. Of course, Morals... she thought, as she considered it usual that he'd have prepared for the day.

... but, where is he? That was unusual; she could count on his presence like the morning sun in the window. Or the ring on her finger.

Next to the "Fable" head dress, Cassiada noticed a letter tucked within "Moral's" frog mask, in a large, decorative envelope- one that she had purchased during the initial days of Year-Ender.

In moments of scanning the contents of the letters, Casiada fell onto the floor. The tears wouldn't stop flowing from her eyes; in thick rivulets, they struck the paper with their sad patter.

"Brennan," Casiada sobbed. What have you done to us?
~"Street Romance at World's End" continues in 2024!

Find out what was in Brenn's letter to Casi! The All-Year Ender Letters, address to "Fable"!
"Upon the Day of Prestiges...
Live from the...
Grand Accord"
It's the...
World-Song Symposium!"

"Every year, researchers return with their discoveries from Worlds & Cosmos beyond! With advancements in WAIV Technology, we're able to learn and report about the Greater Cosmos! We'd like to thank our communities and chapter members who have made this year's World-Ender Grand Accord a success!"

The World-Song Symposium is an awards ceremony dedicated to the Life beyond Pathon! Prepare to explore new Worlds & Universes in this exciting collection of this year's most fascinating findings!

Arc Spanner Award

Most Community Contributions.
Mochimanoban/ Yonderverse
"Vast Universes- many Worlds, rooted in discovery and scientific wonder. Explorers prepare!"

A bright and bustling universe, made with love

Explore the endless planets brimming with life in the Yonderverse! Go after creatures, discover new places, and learn about the people you find along the way.

First Contact Award

Made First Contact!
Alishahr/ Dinosaur Country
"An adventurous frontier- with reptilian giants and friendly folk!"
Dinosaur Country

Far Horizons Award

Most Advanced Civilization.
Elspeth87/ Vellikka
"A deep-space age Universe, with peoples enriched spiritual traditions!"

Dragon's Horde Award

World includes Dragons.
Dragonquillca/ Uclandia
"A mystical world full of Dragons, ancient Artifacts, & intriguing characters from a mythic World!"

Come for the adventures. Stay for the Dragons.

Hidden Depths Award

Award given for Water Worlds.
Demongrey/ Million Islands
"Oceans and Islands full of enchanted discoveries; legends come to Life with Egregoric Force!"
The Million Islands

Adventures around the Great Ring

Crossing Time Award

Most Historical Records.
Tynentm/ Kingdom of America
"World with unique History; intricate Politics and intriguing Timelines!"
Kingdom of America

Daybreaker Award

Year's Most Recent Discovery!
Jontaro/ Oniran
"Bold New World: Attitude & Style to satisfy any Dungeoneer!"

A World of Stories

And that concludes this year's "World-Song Symposium"! Join us again next year as we continue to build and friendly relationships between Pathon and the Greater Cosmos!

Special Acknowledgements
A Special Thank You to friends of the Discord server, Story-Teller's Circle!
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Alishahr*/ Dragonquillca/ Demongrey/ Tynen TM/ Joellakay/ Pete

Special Thank You!
World Anvil Team & Community!

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Author's Notes

Update: 05/24

My sincerest gratitude, to everyone who voted for All-Year Ender in the Hearts & Minds category of World Anvil's World-Building Awards! Your esteem in my work has been humbling, and I thank you for the time and opportunity to present this story to you. For me, it has been enough to be nominated. I look forward to the future and what Arc Sagas can provide for others. Thank you for reading- my best wishes go with you!

Update: 03/24

Year-Ender is a culmination of those nice autumn & winter holidays- Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day! There are elements of each of these within! This Article was highly inspired by the friends and acquaintances I met during World Ember 23' and will continue to be a yearly tradition for the Pathon setting! I also hope that you will consider visiting their Worlds! : D

Casi & Brennan's story is... well, if you haven't read the expanded Letters, I'm not going to say! But it's a captivating story that highlights that I hope you enjoy! It is most certainly something I will return to in the future. Artwork used in the cover is the Original Artwork for Casiada & Brennan. I decided to maintain this cover as it is a beautiful depiction of the couple!

Ad Interim! There are many places in Pathon that will require my attention throughout this year! I hope you'll be patient with me and consider joining me! I've left many avenues for contact and I am message positive!

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Ooh, that was fantastic! A really nice idea with a great and enticing story! You hooked me throughout the seven days of the festival and gave me a lot of unexpected inspiration! This is my first interaction with your world, but I will definitely follow it with attention!

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Mar 24, 2024 12:24 by Myth Cross

^^ I'm overjoyed that you liked the Year-Ender Festival! Thank you so much for taking the time to read it- and also for your kind words! This one is still very close to me not only as a writer but as a WA World-Builder. Thanks again!


Tell me stories! Here's your Ticket to the World of Arc Sagas!

Apr 14, 2024 13:15 by Kerry

Congratulations: 1. for the nomination 2. for utterly stealing my attention. This article is rather long, and I will surely not fully understand it in a single read. I will most certainly return to this at least thrice.

Apr 14, 2024 14:29 by Myth Cross

^^ Thank you so much! The feeling of it has been astounding to me! I'm so ready to tweak and poke at the CSS once the Ceremonies are over! I appreciate your kind feedback!   I'm also ready to continue this story! I've been thinking about it and the situation surrounding for a while now, and I'm looking forward to what the story divulges! There's also plenty of Easter eggs in here too, as I took a step back and looked at the WA Community for inspiration for this tradition! It's a lot of fun and I think this will most certainly be a continuous, expansive tradition for the Arc Sagas/ Pathon setting! The process of writing it has allowed me to meet many new friends, browse amazing new worlds and ideas, and expand my toolbox as a developer. It's a wild ride; thank you for your time!


Tell me stories! Here's your Ticket to the World of Arc Sagas!