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Jadiras premier long distance communication

  The Deepwells are a series of, well, wells dug from the 3rd century of Jadiran history onwards. Their purpose is to allow the transmission of messages from one end of the realm to the other without relying on messengers and the mercy of the dunes. This is possible due to a previously unexplored series of deep tunnels in the rock beneath the sand, which were first discovered by the wise man Alrazim.  


  The Deepwells rely on two separate parts that work in tandem. First there is a series of cavelike tunnels that exist in the rock upon which Jadira stands. It is unknown if their origin is natural, but they wind in sometimes strange paths all throughout the realm, sometimes no wider than a hand, and rarely larger than a meter in diameter. These tunnels are the medium that transmits the messages as sound waves.   The second part is Jadiran ingenuity. The first development was the construction of the Deepwells, which need to dig past any deposit of sand, dirt or rubble, building wall engineered to prevent cave-ins along the way, until they hit rock, which then needs to be breached. A second innovation was the development of the windspells. Words spoken or shouted normally into the well get distorted and stretched along their passage through the tunnels and they have limited range. However, with proper knowledge of the tunnels and a touch of magic to carry the spoken word on the air, these problems can be overcome.  


  There are seventeen deepwells which are officially sanctioned and openly known of. If others exist they would have had to be dug in complete secrecy with the help of a rogue wellcaller. To dig a new deepwell requires approval by whoever is your superior high lord.   The known deepwells include the seven great oases (Elazzar, Barab, Klelek, Reyvadh, Dhorid, Mannikh, Horan), the seaside port of Sekherd, the three main monasteries (Makhar, Sulya, Anpha) and six other larger settlements including the recently destroyed Aldab. The ability to receive the whispers of the wellcallers is such an important honor, that all locations posessing a deepwell and any prospecting future locations can be assumed to be both a prospering part of the Jadiran net of nobility, and a loyal ally to the high lords.  


  The ability to transmit urgent messages almost instantaneously (compared to messengers) further deepened the hold of the seven high lords upon the realm. They now posess not only the military might in the form of soldiers and Strongmasters allowing them to suppress any dissent, they also have better coordination and intel than upcoming rivals.   As such the only real danger to the Jadiran High Lords is infighting among each other. Anyone below them must simply hope that they can ensure a good standing with their superiors.   To learn more about the limits and art of wellcalling itself click here:
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The desert of Jadira is cruel and unyielding. If you need to quickly transmit messages to other oases, and you truly cannot wait for a sahal or camel rider, consider this method instead.

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Jul 24, 2023 14:56 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I am now suspicious that there are secret deepwells.

Jul 27, 2023 07:19

whatever gave you that impression ;)

Yours truly, Nino.
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Aug 20, 2023 08:27 by Laure Yates

I have picked this article for my Summer Camp Reading Challenge. :D It never occurred to me to use Wells as a means of communication - I love the idea. We all know how words naturally carry underground through echoes etc. You could easily see this amplified by magic. Super idea. Yes, I agree also with the comment below - secret spooky deepwells, we want those. :P

Aug 20, 2023 09:48

Thanks for taking the time! Im glad you enjoy it and who knows? Maybe the existence of deepwells outside the caliphates control will become crucial in the future...

Yours truly, Nino.
Its Worldember!I am building out a spooky world, which you can read about here! (psst, its a link)
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