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Recurring characters

Trying to place where else someone appears? Search using the search bar to find anyone, or browse on the series pages. A number of recurring characters now have their own pages, but some characters have brief mentions below. You can also check out lists of Council Members and Schola staff. The notes here do not include plot spoilers.    
Last updated as of The Magic of Four, May 2024.

Agnes Meredith

Housekeeper for Giles Lefton (and later Kate Davies. Appears in Wards of the Roses and Country Manners briefly.  

Alastair Longton

Business mentor to Galen Amberly. Mentioned in In The Cards and Point By Point. Fox House.  

Amadeo Scali

Banker, head of the Scali Banking family in Sailor's Jewel. Has handed over the bulk of the active work to Cosmo Scali by Fool's Gold. Went to Dunwich.  

Arca Wain

Mother of Thesan Wain and her six siblings, including Seth Wain. Works in one of the educational arms of the Ministry and thus is aware of quite a lot of that gossip. Golshan Soltani is simultaneously very fond of her, and does not ever want to make her unhappy. Went to Alethorpe.  

Blythe Norton

Companion to Parnell Amberly (Galen Amberly's mother) in In The Cards. In Point By Point, comfortably settled in a new situation with Julius Amberly.  

Cosmo Scali

Head of the Scali Banking Family by Fool's Gold. Uncle of Beatrice Stafford. Trained as a solicitor. Went to Dunwich.  

Eridana Forely

Died in 1915. Thesan Wain's apprentice mistress. Grand old dame of the First Families, an expert in Astronomy and Locational magics. She had a tremendous influence on Thesan's ability to navigate complex social situations. Fox House, what else?  

Farran Michaels

Nephew to Cadmus Michaels, and originally seeks help from Vivian Porter in Seven Sisters. Apprentices to Ormulu, one of the best auction houses, and assists with the auction at the beginning of Goblin Fruit as well as research in Magician's Hoard. Owl House.  

Gemma Smythe-Clive

Daughter of Cyrus Smythe-Clive and his late wife Tanith, she appears in The Hare and the Oak (as well as a brief mention in Eclipse). Fox House.  

Jenifry Alton (Lady)

Lady in her own right of the area of Suffolk near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. She appears as one of the other first class passengers in Sailor's Jewel, and reappears as a guest in The Hare and the Oak. Cyrus Smythe-Clive is not a fan. Fox House.  

Julius Amberley

Galen Amberly's elder brother (7 years older). Involved in Intelligence work in the War, badly injured with a permanent facial injury in 1917. Appears in In The Cards and Point By Point. Skilled Alchemist, interested in applications that help people. Fox House.  

Luned Fayrehale

Cousin (of Vivian Porter and Robin Aelfdane) Her eyes are pale yellow, and obviously not quite human unless she glamours them. Appears in Seven Sisters and is mentioned briefly in Fool's Gold. Privately educated.  

Mally Stone

Maid at the country house in Goblin Fruit. Becomes lady's maid to Lizzie Penhallow, and appears briefly in On The Bias. Has something of a crush on Thomas Benton. Apprenticed.  

Mercury Delwyn

Youngest son of Lord and Lady Delwyn (Pastiche). At the end of that book, Richard and Alysoun Edgarton take him under their wing. He has a traumatic brain injury in the Great War, and comes home still kind, but unable to hold complex information in his head. Gabriel Edgarton thinks about him in The Fossil Door and Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna. Owl House.  

Miriam Leventhal

A member of the Dwellers At The Forge, appears at the end of In The Cards and in Point By Point. Seal House.  

Mrs Mudthon

Cook at Ytene. (Where she had previously been cook for Geoffrey Carillon's parents until they died.) Appears in the forthcoming Ancient Trust, as well as Outcrossing, On The Bias, and Unexplored Territory.  

Octavian Gates

Late husband of Pross Gates and father of Cammie Gates. Mentioned in Outcrossing, Magician's Hoard, and appears in a memory in Chasing Legends. He was mixed race, and that shows in Cammie's skin and hair. Fox House.  

Phineas Sisley

Chief Scholar of The Research Society during Magician's Hoard. Became Chief Scholar around 1922. Uncle of Matthias Sisley (Council Member) and great-uncle of Orion Sisley (he appears briefly in Eclipse at a bohort match). Fox House.  

Roderick Sterling-Wise

An artist, a pseduonym, but the artist was purportedly killed during the War. (see Fool's Gold for the explanation). Beatrice Stafford notes in that book that Sterling-Wise had "a tendency to the Fauvists, but working in a variety of styles, playing with colour. People compared him with Matisse, Rousseau, and Derain, and then after about 1910, there were more figurative works, more detail? But a very different subject matter, I gather. Dancers, there were comments about light, the use of it as a character, or light and greenery both."  

Sarah Levinthal

Housekeeper and cook for Avigail Levy and Rathna Stone during The Fossil Door and also appears in Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna.  

Tanith Smythe-Clive

Late wife of Cyrus Smythe-Clive and mother of Gemma Smythe-Clive. Died in childbirth with Gemma in 1888. She was an innovative alchemist and specialist in materia. She is referenced in Sailor's Jewel and Cyrus reflects on her and her wishes a great deal in The Hare and the Oak. Fox House  

Thomasina Wallace

Alchemist, member of the Dwellers At The Forge. Good friend of Galen Amberly and Martin Taylor when she isn't locked in her lab. Appears in In The Cards and Point By Point (where she has a substantial role.) Salmon House.