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Kate Davies Lefton

Kate Davies was the only one of the five children in her family to go to Schola, where she found a home in Bear House. A skilled Bohort player, her talents for protective magic were noted early, and she was steered toward a career in the Guard both by her uncles (village Guards) and by several of her teachers.   Her apprenticeship had some rough spots, since she did not come from the same class background as many of her peers, but she completed her apprenticeship not long before the Great War. Unable to serve overseas unless she went in a support capacity, she instead took on additional duties around protective warding and security details.  

Appears In

Wards of the Roses
]In Wards of the Roses, Giles needs an assistant to handle tasks that need sight. After considering two other candidates, he realises Richard Edgarton is recommending Kate without coming out and saying so. While they take a bit to get used to each other, they establish a good working relationship shortly before they and up trapped in the basement of Mannering House and have to rely on each other to get out.   Kate finds her own way to handle things, which is rewarded by her promotion to Captain at the end of the book, much to the delight of Giles and Alysoun Edgarton and Richard Edgarton.
Country Manners
Country Manners takes place after their engagement (late summer 1921) and before their marriage in early 1922. There is an obligatory family visit to Giles' family, none of whom appear to approve of Kate. She is fortified by help from friends (including Alysoun Edgarton). Fortunately for their sanity, they stumble across a small but necessary mystery to be solved.   This novella also explains how Kate came into possession of the Pleasing Token she wears in Outcrossing.   By this point, Kate has found Giles a valet, a former dresser from the theatre, who's a great fit for what Giles needs a hand with.
Kate (now married, as Captain Lefton) appears in the last chapters of Outcrossing to help bring people to justice. She wears a Pleasing Token (acquired in Country Manners).   Fun tidbit: Outcrossing was my first book, and as soon as Kate rode through the portal, I knew she was going to get her own book so I could figure out how she was so self-confident.
Goblin Fruit
Kate assists at the end of Goblin Fruit, and she and Giles are clearly both good friends of Geoffrey Carillon.
On The Bias
Kate and Giles are guests at the costume party Geoffrey Carillon throws at the end of On The Bias. (Giles is dressed as Nicholas Saunderson, a blind mathematician of the 18th century, and Kate is dressed to match him as his wife.)   When Carillon is attacked, Kate and Richard Edgarton are quick to take charge of the situation while Alysoun Edgarton and Giles Lefton go to consult for specific help.
Upon A Summer's Day
Kate and Richard meet in one chapter to talk about their respective duties related to the war, Gabe's challenge, and their respective approaches to parenting.

Married name

Kate Lefton, Captain Lefton


Schola, Bear House


Marries Giles Lefton in 1922   Artemis (daughter) Theodore (son)


Captain in the Guard
Promoted early 1921.
  Mentored by Richard Edgarton