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Rowena Edgarton

Rowena Edgarton is the eldest child and older daughter of Gabriel and Rathna Edgarton. She takes after her mother both in appearance and in magical skill.    She, her brother Anthony, and sister Avigail all grew up at Veritas with their parents, Gabe's parents Alysoun Edgarton and Richard Edgarton, and Magni Torham and Gilbert Oxley in residence, as well as other chosen family and household staff.   Rowena began at Schola in 1937, in Seal House like her mother, and she has a particular affinity for some of the house's magics.  
Old As The Hills
Rowena is in her third year at Schola as Old As The Hills begins, in Seal House. She worries about the tasks her parents are taking on, but also has a chance to develop her own skills and gifts as a result.
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Schola, Seal House


Daughter of Gabe and Rathna Edgarton   Anthony (brother)
Avigail (sister)


Student at Schola through June 1942