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Temple Carillon

Lord Temple Carillon

Temple Carillon is the elder brother of Geoffrey Carillon. He married Delphina Carillon when they were both in their twenties. He strongly preferred the family estate at Hawk's Breath in Cumbria over the demesne estate of Ytene.   Temple inherited the title and land magic from his father after his parents died on a torpedoed ferry crossing the Channel in 1916. By this point, he was already involved in research for the Ministry, which continued through Bound For Perdition.   Temple and Delphina died within a few days of each other in 1922. Ancient Trust picks up when Geoffrey and Thomas Benton arrive back in Albion just before the funeral, and are further explored in various books in the The Carillon family arc, especially Best Foot Forward and Three Graces.  


Bound For Perdition (minor)  


Ancient Trust (his funeral and related information)
Best Foot Forward (further information)
Three Graces (resolution of his cause of death)
  See the Carillon family arc for additional information.

Bound for Perdition
Temple appears in Bound For Perdition both through his research for the Ministry in the same building, including his (minor) help consulting on the magical journals. He and Delphina host several house parties during the book, attended by a number of people, including Reggie Hollis, Lynet Alder Hollis, and Margot Williams.
Ancient Trust
Ancient Trust begins right after the untimely death of Temple and Delphina, and Geoffrey Carillon's investigation.
Three Graces
In Three Graces, Lizzie Carillon, Alysoun Edgarton, and Thesan Wain finally have time and space to take up the question of what happened to Temple and Delphina with the end of the war in Europe in the summer of 1945.
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Lord Temple Carillon  


Schola, Fox House


Marries Delphina Carillon in 1900.


Materia researcher / dabbler
Lord of the land