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Schola Houses

Schola divides students into seven houses where they live, learn the house magics, and spend much of their time outside of classes.
Bear House
Bear House has a particular interest in protective and defensive magics.
Boar House
Those of Boar House are often drawn to more martial magics, and a generall forward-motion view of life.
Fox House
Fox House is considered the elite of Schola's houses, the place for people of ambition and competence.
Horse House
Horse House folks are pragmatic, with an eye to tending the larger community.
Owl House
Owl House is home to many scholars - and swots - interested in learning.
Salmon House
Salmon House draws creative thinkers, problem-solvers, and those with multiple talents to draw on.
Seal House
The most liminal house, those of Seal House have a particular affiliation for transfomation of all sorts.


People do like their secret societies and member-only groups.
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People gather at a range of clubs based on interests and affiliations.
(These are mixed-gender, unlike the gentleman's clubs of the period in London.