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The Magic of Four

The 1946-47 school year finds four second-year students at Schola trying to figure out their lives.   Avigail Edgarton, Jasper Pride, Leo Fortier, and Rosalba Carillon are friends, but that doesn't mean they want the same things or have the same interests. They have to navigate their classes, social challenges, the interest of several different secret societies, and of course a particular mystery in the spring term. (Novel, but not a romance, they're all fourteen.)   And of course, there's a bit of all of their families (see the related books below for all those links). Chasing Legends, in 1926, also gives some glimpses at the underpinnings of Schola.   Second year is also the year the Societies at Schola pick new members.  
Content notes
Contains four teenagers who are more sensible than the average but don't always make the best choices. Includes examples of bullying, social challenges, class issues, and other complications of living and learning with other teenagers. The adults are dealing with the Second World War and the impact on their lives in various ways, including grieving. One of the characters (Avigail) is half Bengali, the others are white.

Notable People

Leo Fortier
Rosalba Carillon (Ros)
Jasper Pride
Avigail Edgarton
  With appearances by: Isembard Fortier, Thesan Wain (Leo's parents)
Geoffrey Carillon and Lizzie Penhallow Carillon (Ros's parents)
along with Alexander Landry
Rufus Pride and Thomas Benton (at Ytene)
(And a special holiday appearance by Laura Penhallow and Martin Taylor)
Gabe Edgarton, Alysoun Edgarton,
Claudio Warren (as Gabe's apprentice), Lucy Doyle,
and various and sundry other connections, family members, and more.


Related books
In chronological order, the romances of the respective parental figures include: Outcrossing (Ferry and Rufus Pride, Jasper's parents)   Goblin Fruit (Lizzie and Geoffrey's romance, Ros's parents) and Best Foot Forward (how Alexander becomes Ros's Uncle Alexander)   The Fossil Door (Gabe and Rathna's romance, Avigail's parents)   and Eclipse (Thesan and Isembard's romance, Leo's parents). Chasing Legends finds them exploring the depths of the school in the winter of 1926.
Four students in silhouette on a blue background of a map off the west coast of Wales. Three stand around a table, the fourth is perched on the near corner, leaning forward and gesturing.

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