Isembard Fortier

Isembard Fortier comes from a long line of Lords of the land, stretching back to the Norman Invasion. His brother Garin is the current Lord. Since the Great War and the death of his best friend, Isembard has struggled to find his place in society. In 1923, he takes up a position at Schola as the Protective magics professor and bodyguard to two children of The Council.   He is skilled in Protective magics and Duelling. Besides his formal apprenticeship, he was tutored from the time he entered Schola by Alexander Landry.    
At the beginning of Eclipse, Isembard has settled into teaching, but the arrival of his former mentor, Alexander Landry. However, a series of events lead Thesan and Isembard to worry about what students are getting up, as well as about the safety of his particular charges. Isembard comes to a sense of himself, a desire to focus on teaching - and to spend as much time with Thesan as their complicated schedules allow.
Tea and Meetings
A mailing list extra, Tea and Meetings includes scenes from Thesan and Isembard's lives before and after the events of Eclipse.
With All Due Speed
With All Due Speed is a mailing list extra following Thesan and Isembard from the point at which he asks if he may propose through the immediate aftermath of their wedding (summer through December 1925).
Chasing Legends
In Chasing Legends, Isembard, Thesan, Ibis Ward and Pross Gates are drawn into one of the deep mysteries of Schola.
Best Foot Forward
During Best Foot Forward, Alexander Landry stays with Isembard and Thesan over the holidays, when he is feeling particularly out of sorts, as well as confusing them both a bit in the way he changes during the events of the book.
Old As The Hills
Isembard makes a brief appearance in Old As The Hills, helping Gabe with a particular piece of learning, as well as being impacted by a key event in the book.
Interstitial Moments
Isembard is one of the point of view characters for "Precession" in Insterstitial Moments, as he and Thesan try to figure out the changes in Alexander's life. It includes conversations about Perry, a spot of duelling, and some new friendships.
Illusion of a Boar
In Illusion of a Boar, Thesan (and Isembard) have a brief but key role helping Orion Sisley sort out what's going on.
Three Graces
During most of Three Graces, Isembard is in Europe during the summer of 1945 with others working to dismantle dire ritual sites. He returns to take a useful role in bringing some justice to an old wrong.
As The Ground Shifts
In As The Ground Shifts, Isembard consults with Thesan about some letters, then later has a conversation with Claudio Warren and Orion Sisley about the end of the war.
The Magic of Four
Thesan (and Isembard) are present as Leo's parents during various parts of the book, helping him navigate some of the school and family expectations
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Schola, Fox House


Younger brother of Garin Fortier
  Marries Thesan Wain in 1925
Ursula Fortier (daughter)
Leo Fortier (son)   Mentored by Alexander Landry
(also godfather to their children)   Best friend of Peredur Judson


Dius Fidius


Professor of Protective magics
at Schola from 1924