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People love their secret societies and groups - and Albion is no exception. They keep popping up here and there (see Magician's Hoard and Point By Point for one iteration.)  

School societies

  The Five Schools have long had their own (a few societies are present at multiple schools, but largely each school has their own.)   Members are selected during their second year (the year they turned 14) based on criteria set by each society.   The Schola societies are:  

Professional societies

The Research Society

The Research Society (seen in Magician's Hoard) is focused on research and learning in a more academic sense. They are headquartered in Bedford Square in London. Learn more about the Research Society 

The Brotherhood of the Horse

Focused on the mysteries of the Horseman's Word and related magics. Rufus Pride's brother Jasper was apprenticing with someone who was a member, and Rufus has become a member following Outcrossing.  

The Smith

Part initiatory religious mystery cult, part professional organisation, The Smith focuses on the magical and crafting skills around blacksmithing. They're fairly small and very practically minded. Cadmus Michaels is a member, and mention or thinks about his affiliations at several points in Seven Sisters.   (Interestingly, there is not much overlap with the Dwellers At The Forge, though they do sometimes swap blacksmithing tips.)  

Social organisations

Over time, a number of social organisations have grown. There are many more than the few named so far, of course!  

Distaff Council on Horticultural Aid

Focused on supplying food and medical needs among those who need assistance, and full of Flora, Materia specialists, as well as a number of apothecaries, nurses, and well-off farmer's wives. Headed by Mistress Waterby.   They make an overture to Lizzie Penhallow in Unexplored Territory  

The Albion Inheritance

The most established, posh, and snobby of the women's organisations of Albion. You must be able to prove direct descent from the First or Third Families back a number of generations for full membership.   They are led in the 1920s (and previously) by Dame Arcady, who favours sepia and cream tones like an aged book. There is a lot of subtle jostling for prestige here - and sometimes not so subtle.   Lizzie Penhallow's mother was a member, and she pursues membership during Unexplored Territory, and mentions also occur in On The Bias.  

The Ladies Auxiliary Society for Services to Orphans of Magical Catastrophes

Another of the organisations focusing on posh society women. They are nominally a philanthropic organisation, but not always very practical. They are headed by Lady Pillon.   They invite Lizzie Penhallow to consider membership in Unexplored Territory.  
"I don’t disapprove, exactly. But they often - oh, they’ll go on about the proper colour for fabric for frocks for children who need them, endlessly. Until half the children have outgrown the measurements they have. And they’ll raise funds, but then not use them as efficiently as they could. They come from families that - well, the bulk of my work is inheritances when things get complicated. And that often brings out the worst in people, who becomes regent, who gets to reside in the entailed lands. All that.”
— Captain Orland in Point By Point