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Unexplored Territory

"Unexplored Territory" is an extra for On The Bias

Cover of On The Bias. A man and woman in 1920s clothing are silhouetted against a pale green, yellow, and purple background. A brightly coloured rooster is inset in the top right.

"Unexplored Territory" begins just before Lizzie Penhallow and Geoffrey Carillon become engaged in May 1925 (the epilogue of Goblin Fruit) and ends just after the epilogue of On The Bias in October 1925. It's 12,000 words.   It does contain some spoilers for the events of On The Bias.

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Why this story?

Largely, I wrote this so I could figure out what Lizzie and Geoffrey were up to during the events of On The Bias. Clearly, they had their own ongoing plots, while Thomas Benton and Cassie Jones were up to their own adventures.  

Editing notes

I revised parts of five paragraphs in May 2022 to bring it into alignment with the timeline of Eclipse. The edits only affect the dinner party guests (removing Thesan as a guest.)