Every so often, I want to spend a bit more time with a character, or there's a story that doesn't quite fit into a book. That's where these extras come in. They probably won't make much sense if you haven't read the relevant book, though!   I share these with readers of my newsletter as a treat. I send an email most Fridays with what's coming soon, as well as links and tidbits from my research and writing that week.   The title links for each story will take you to more detail about how it fits into Albion and the relevant books. Check out the Books and extras timeline for how the different sections of these tales fit into the larger world of Albion.  

The practical part

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Current extras

(in order of publication of the relevant book)  

A Dog's Chance

1921, London.
A short story about how a very large dog led to Una Doran meeting Anna Walter. Can be read whenever you'd like, it's not associated with any specific book.   

The Size of the Bog

1912, the New Forest
A short story covering the beginning of Rufus Pride's apprenticeship, and how he begins to come to grips with the strength of his magic. An extra for Outcrossing.  

Unexplored Territory

A short story about what Lizzie Penhallow and Geoffrey Carillon are up to between the epilogue of Goblin Fruit through the events of On The Bias. Several scenes about their plots and discoveries. This does contain spoilers for On The Bias.  

Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna

1907 through 1923
A novella's worth of scenes and events from Gabriel Edgarton and Rathna Stone's lives, before and after the events of The Fossil Door. (Definitely read the book first here.)  

Tea and Meetings

1904 through 1926
Eight scenes from various points in Thesan Wain and Isembard Fortier's lives, the last two following on from the events of Eclipse.  

A tidbit

Giles interviews assistants

This is quite short, so enjoy two brief scenes that take place during the first chapter of Wards of the Roses, where Giles Lefton interviews two possible candidates to assist him. (This one is so short it's not worth formatting into a file, click through to read it.)