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Every so often, I want to spend a bit more time with a character, or there's a story that doesn't quite fit into a book. That's where these extras come in. They probably won't make much sense if you haven't read the relevant book, though!   Check out the Books and extras timeline for how the different sections of these tales fit into the larger world of Albion.  

Getting these stories

As of the beginning of 2024, you can get a download link for almost all of these extras from the pages linked below. Each page also has more details about that extra and where it fits into the overall timeline and the related books.   You can download the files in epub, mobi, and PDF, whichever you prefer. BookFunnel has good help for getting them onto whatever device you like to do your reading on.   For folks who've joined me on my newsletter, my Patreon (at any level), or the Albion's Delights Discord., you can also find links to these extras (and new ones as they come out) in those places. Choose the link that says "Extras" at the top or bottom of any newsletter, look in the Completed Extras collection on Patreon, or in the #releases-and-extras channel on the Discord.  

The two exceptions

These are Ancient Trust, as well as the most recently released extra (currently As The Ground Shifts, released December 22nd, 2023).   I keep these as a particular thank you for people who've connected with me via my newsletter, my Patreon (at any level), or the Albion's Delights Discord. I hope you'll join me one of those places! As I release new extras, the previous recent release will become available for everyone.  

Current extras

(in chronological order of the related book)  

Ancient Trust

1922, Ytene and other locations
A prequel novella in which Geoffrey Carillon inherits the land obligations, and with Thomas Benton, must figure out what his life is doing now.  

A Dog's Chance

1921, London.
A short story about how a very large dog led to Una Doran meeting Anna Walter. Can be read whenever you'd like, it's not associated with any specific book.  

The Size of the Bog

1912, the New Forest
A short story covering the beginning of Rufus Pride's apprenticeship, and how he begins to come to grips with the strength of his magic. An extra for Outcrossing.  

Unexplored Territory

A short story about what Lizzie Penhallow and Geoffrey Carillon are up to between the epilogue of Goblin Fruit through the events of On The Bias. Several scenes about their plots and discoveries. This does contain spoilers for On The Bias.  

Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna

1907 through 1923
A novella's worth of scenes and events from Gabriel Edgarton and Rathna Stone's lives, before and after the events of The Fossil Door. (Definitely read the book first here.)  

Necessary Conversations

May 1923
This 4,000 word extra shares two necessary conversations between Charlotte and Victor in the aftermath of the events of Perfect Accord. The first takes place between chapters 42 and 43. The second is the week after chapter 43  

Tea and Meetings

1904 through 1926
Eight scenes from various points in Thesan Wain and Isembard Fortier's lives, the last two following on from the events of Eclipse.  

With All Due Speed 

June 1925 through December 1925
Scenes between when Thesan Wain and Isembard Fortier discuss an engagement through to their wedding, following on from the events of Eclipse.  

12 Seconds in 1927 

June 29, 1927
Schola is in the path of totality for a solar eclipse, and again, astronomers and students and others have gathered for it. 5000 words about the day, focusing on Thesan Wain, Isembard Fortier and the naming of their daughter, as well as the experience.  

Interstitial Moments 

May 1935 through May 1936
Three sets of scenes about the aftermath of Geoffrey Carillon and Alexander Landry's adventures in Berlin in Best Foot Forward. It includes Lapidoth Manse, Thomas Benton, Thesan Wain and Isembard Fortier as point of view characters. 25K total.  

As The Ground Shifts 

April 1944 through November 1945
Scenes from the middle of Illusion of a Boar through the end of Three Graces, focusing on Orion Sisley and Claudio Warren (though with appearances from a number of other people). It also includes some complex developing theories about the different Council seats. 33k total.  

A tidbit

Giles interviews assistants

This is quite short, so enjoy two brief scenes that take place during the first chapter of Wards of the Roses, where Giles Lefton interviews two possible candidates to assist him. (This one is so short it's not worth formatting into a file, click through to read it.)