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Old As The Hills

In 1939, Gabriel Edgarton and his wife Rathna Edgarton are pulled in different directions by the Second World War.   Rathna wonders if - just maybe - she can use some new techniques to create temporary portals to help even a few more people escape from the ever-expanding German front. Gabe is thrown into finding some balance between the many different esoteric groups eager to do their part for the war effort magically. The question is how much two people - and their apprentices - can do.   Upon A Summer's Day is an immediate sequel to Old As The Hills, beginning the same evening as the last chapter.  
Content notes for Old As The Hills (click to read)
Deals with the first year of World War 2, and the plot explicitly includes the invasions of multiple countries during that time, the evacuation of Dunkirk, and other events of the period. (Though not in graphic or close-up detail.) Death of a secondary character with ongoing appearances in the Albion books, due to the war, and some reference to grief. The plot also deals with the esoteric groups active at the time and with witchcraft.   Established couple, married with three children, who are separated during much of the book due to their different tasks. Hero has ADHD (very much on display in some spots), while the heroine deals with assumptions (and some bigotry) because of her Bengali background and brown skin. Some nastiness from minor characters, including the presentation of white feathers for cowardice to a secondary character.
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Rathna and Gabe have their romance in The Fossil Door and the extra Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna. The full list of books about the Edgartons can be found in the Edgarton family arc.   Best Foot Forward and Nocturnal Quarry lay the groundwork for Old As The Hills and Upon A Summer's Day

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