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Veritas is the ancestral home of the Edgarton Family. It's been in their family since Roman times. It is one of the best tended of the demesne lands in the 1920s, benefitting from several generations of good care, and extremely attentive care from the current generation.  


Richard Edgarton
Alysoun Edgarton
Gabriel Edgarton
Charlotte Edgarton
Rathna Stone
Their children, Rowena, Anthony, Avigail 

Magni Torham and Gilbert Oxley from the early 1930s   as well as various staff.


The house itself appears in Pastiche and The Fossil Door, as well as Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna.   The original building was a Roman villa, adapted and changed over the years. The Roman baths at the core of the house have been maintained (one of Alysoun's favourite places).   The library has two stories, with a balcony forming the second story around the outer edge. Alysoun and Richard sort their books by publication date in some cases, and topic and date in others. There are almost always books piled on the tables: this is the comfortable working centre of the home.   All of the Edgartons are excellent riders, Gabe is exceptionally skilled. They've maintained a good stable throughout.  


The lands around the house are extensive, and include a magical village nearby. The nearby woods have a wide range of flora and fauna, including mirabiles.