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Illusion of a Boar

Four skilled specialist take on a challenge in the run up to D-Day in the summer of 1944. Claudio Warren, Orion Sisley, Hypatia Ward and Cammie Gates are all charged with a magical diversion to go along with the forming plans for a massive invasion force.   But they've all got their own challenges - and more than a few secrets. It's not at all clear whether they'll be able to work together and do what's needed.  
A spoiler for the plot
Cammie Gates is a shapeshifter - a stoat - and that plays into aspects of the plot when she spots another shifter at an American base nearby.
Content notes for Illusion of a Boar (click to read)
At least 2 of the 4 point of view characters are neurodiverse. They're dealing with unusual situations, secrets in a time of war, and family and social assumptions. One character is dealing with a recent significant injury to his hand, as well as emotional betrayal about 5 months before the book begins). No actual descriptions of combat, but there are references to deaths in combat and the impact they have on various characters.

Notable People

Cammie Gates (main)
Claudio Warren (main)
Hypatia Ward (main)
Orion Sisley (main)
  With appearances by Thesan Wain Fortier, Isembard Fortier, Gabriel Edgarton, and Ibis Ward.  


A secret camp in Richmond, just outside of London, Schola, Veritas, and Fairlight (the Sisley family estate).

Related books
Claudio and Orion appear as students during Eclipse (and Hypatia gets a brief mention).   Cammie is 11 during her mother's romance in Magician's Hoard (where Hypatia also appears briefly), and she and Hypatia are around for the beginning and end of Chasing Legends, a few years later.

As The Ground Shifts is an extra sharing some scenes ranging from April of 1944 in Illusion of a Boar through the end of Three Graces.
Cover of Illusion of a Boar: Two silhouetted men and women standing at a table, on a ground of deep gold with an astrological chart behind them.

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