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Chasing Legends

As Thesan Wain and Isembard Fortier celebrate their first wedding anniversary in December 1926 at part of a reinstated series of winter feasts at Schola, the arrival of a Green Knight out of myth leads them along with Ibis Ward and Pross Gates into an exploration of some of the deep mysteries of Schola herself.    This novella of about 36,000 is collected in Winter Charms.  
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Established relationships (Two characters from Eclipse, two from Magician’s Hoard, brief references for events of those books.) Includes stigmatised abilities, guilt and shame about actions during the War, and rebuilding community.

Notable people

Thesan Wain (main)
Isembard Fortier (main)
Ibis Ward (main)
Pross Gates (main)
  Along with Alexander Landry, various of the Schola staff, Hypatia Ward and Cammie Gates


Related books
Thesan and Isembard's romance is in Eclipse and Pross and Ibis's is in Magician's Hoard. Both of them appear in a number of other books - check out their pages.
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