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Novellas and stories

The novellas fit into various places in the larger timeline. Listed in chronological order.   You can read the short story, A Dog's Chance as an extra.   

Cover of Forged in Combat. A man and a woman in silhouette on a teal green background. She is wearing a Victorian bustle dress, his clothing fits with military uniform of the time. A bright red hibiscus highlights the top corner of the cover.

Forged in Combat

  1882, mostly in India.   The romance between Arthur and Melusina, Roland's parents. A prequel novella for the Mysterious Powers series.

Cover of Complementary. Two women in Edwardian dress in silhouette stand talking with each other. One is taller and calmer, the other is shorter, gesturing. They are on a green background, with an artist's palette in the bottom right.


  1910   F/F romance featuring featuring Mason and Rosemary at an artist's colony with some suspicious goings on.

Winter Charms

A collection of three winter novellas.

Casting Nasturtiums

The second half of 1919, featuring Seth, Golshan, and Dilly. (Polyamorous friends-to-lovers MMF.)  

Country Manners

Christmas, 1921, featuring Kate, Giles, and a number of his relatives. (Established relationship.)  

Chasing Legends

Winter hols 1926 at Schola, featuring Thesan, Isembard, Ibis, and Pross. (Established relationships.)

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