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Magician's Hoard

Magician's Hoard takes place in the first half of 1926. When Pross Gates comes to The Research Society's building in London with a research question, she finds something quite different than she expected. Rather than the warm help offered when her late husband was a fellow there, she is greet brusquely and farmed off on Ibis Ward in his attic office.   Ibis's current project is reviewing a major archaeological collection (the Petrie Collection) for items of magical significance, but he has a break in his work and agrees to help Pross with her investigation of a rumoured lost hoard on a property in Norfolk. Along the way they are drawn into figuring out what has gone wrong in the Research Society, and who might be behind it.  
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Anglo-Egyptian main character who deals with bias and some (mostly implied) bigotry. Discussion of widowhood. Threats of violence. A stigmatised magical ability and the implications of keeping it secret. Secondary character who is African-American, and another who is of mixed background.

Notable people

Pross Gates (main)
Ibis Ward (main)

Also: Cammie Gates, Hypatia Ward, Richart Hase,
Jonas Clark, Philly Tipson, & various researchers.


True Eyeworth and Little Beaulieu in the New Forest
Norfolk, London, Paris, France.
Related books
Pross and Ibis also feature in Chasing Legends in December 1926.   Point By Point picks up on the aftermath of the snake cult about six months later.
Cover of Magician's Hoard. A man and woman in 1920s dress silhouetted on a teal background shading to sandy brown. A hedgehog is inset in the top right.

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