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Alexander Landry

Alexander Landry defies easy categories. Born in Albion after his French father's death to an Egyptian mother, he learned first from his older brother and his mother, before attending Schola and being sorted into Fox House. (His thoughts about this can be found in Eclipse and Best Foot Forward.)   His brother had become closer to the Fortiers, and after his brother's death (and his mother's, not long after), Alexander made himself useful, first mastering Ritual and Duelling, as well as gaining strong skills in Materia. He challenged successfully for a Council seat in 1897. Fluent in half a dozen languages (English, Arabic, French, Latin, classical Greek, and German among them...), he is the sort of person who keeps his personal library shelf notes in demotic script. He is also a member of Dius Fidius.   In time, he came to be tutor to Garin Fortier, Isembard Fortier, and through Isembard to Perry Judson. After the onset of the Great War, he put together a party of five (Isembard, Perry, and two others) for specialised missions.   Perry was killed on one of those, on August 2nd, 1917, and the group parted ways at that point. After the War, Alexander took any opportunity to stay away from Albion, handling Council matters in the United States, Canada, and various points in Europe, Africa, and Asia. He returned to Albion somewhat reluctantly in the summer of 1924 after serious curse damage that was going to take extensive recuperation, and took up position as teacher of Ritual magic at Schola. He held the position until the spring of 1926.   Before the War, he had a townhome in London near Bedford Square. After his return to Albion, he leases a townhome in Trellech.    
Tea and Meetings
In the Tea and Meetings extra, one of the scenes is a meeting with Alexander and the four men who fight together (including Perry and Izzy), as they begin their preparations.
Alexander has just arrived at Schola in the opening chapters of Eclipse, and Thesan Wain helps him with the initial settling in. Isembard Fortier, however, recognises the challenges that come from moving from teacher and student to nominal peers, and it takes them a while to rearrange their expectations of how that goes. By the end of the book, Alexander is as close to both of them as he is to anyone in Albion.
With All Due Speed
Alexander is part of a dinner party in preparation for Isembard Fortier and Thesan Wain's wedding, along with Garin and Livia Fortier.

In a later section, he stands up for Isembard at the wedding, with blessings to both Isembard and Thesan.
Chasing Legends
At the beginning of Chasing Legends, Alexander is a guest of Thesan Wain and Isembard Fortier (and his former colleagues in general) at a winter feast to reestablish some ancient customs at Schola. While he is not one of the four involved in main events, he helps sort out some strategic choices.
Best Foot Forward
Best Foot Forward finds both Alexander and Geoffrey Carillon coming to terms with a substantial portion of the trauma in their past. Along the way, Alexander finds himself connecting in a way he'd never expected.
Interstitial Moments
Insterstitial Moments deals with the people around Alexander and Geoffrey coming to grips with the changes to both of them in 1935. One section includes Isembard and Alexander visiting Perry's grave together.
Nocturnal Quarry
Nocturnal Quarry finds Alexander travelling to America in the summer of 1938 to tend to various diplomatic needs and tie up a number of trifling loose ends. He discovers someone from his own past, and does his best to navigate an uncertain future.
Old As The Hills
Alexander is actively involved in advising and sharing resources with Gabriel Edgarton's project for the Council during Old As The Hills. He spends most of his time during the book tending to various Council needs.
Upon A Summer's Day
Alexander (along with Geoffrey Carillon) is a point of view character in the book, bringing his insights and questions about Gabe's particular actions to the story.
Three Graces
Alexander is in Europe for most of Three Graces, assisting with cleaning up dire ritual sites in the aftermath of the war in Europe. He appears at the Summer Solstice council rites in June and the end of the book.
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Schola, Fox House  


Bawy with Geoffrey Carillon as of 1935
(as explained in Best Foot Forward)   Godfather to Ursula and Leo Fortier


Ritual specialist, duellist
Mentor of Isembard Fortier

Council member

Professor of Ritual magic at Schola
(September 1924 to June 1926)