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Ritual magic has a wide range of applications, and runs from informal and quick to quite formal, detailed, and lengthy. Ritual magic can provide information, initiate someone into the mysteries, connect or separate people, or gather magic for another purpose.   A number of customs within Albion - the judicial system and the land magic in particular - are rooted in ritual magics. Ritual is often used to anchor magic in a specific place or object.   The language of ritual, choosing words and gestures with precsion and intention, is widely considered to be a useful skill even if one rarely uses the formal ritual workings.   "Mabyn lifted her hand, one of the gestures of reverence she’d learned during her initial apprenticeship. She knew Cyrus would read it as what it was, praise and affection and awe and mystery, all woven together. There were times when his fluency with ritual - the way he lived and breathed it, even if he wasn’t a theist - was very helpful."  


Schola is the main teacher of ritual magic in all its forms, but the other schools all teach applications of ritual magic relevant to their students.   Some rituals - especially more involved ones - have timing implications (Astronomy), specific Materia needs, or rely on skills in Incantation for part of the ritual working.  


Some rituals can be done anywhere. Others require a prepared space, usually made of or lined in stone that can be thoroughly cleaned and polished and that will not react directly with substances in the ritual. Ritual workrooms appear in a number of books including Goblin Fruit, On The Bias, Fool's Gold, and The Hare and the Oak. A number of the clubs have workrooms available for members who don't have one at home.  


Significant ritual workings are part of: More routine ritual workings are part of: (I like a bit of ritual magic as a step toward intimacy, honestly. Besides the variety it offers.)  

Notable experts

  In addition, many of the Guard, the Penelopes, and the Council Members have at least intermediate skills in ritual magic (sufficient to assist others, at least.)