Vivian Porter

Vivian Porter is an enigma, quite deliberately. While she implies she attended Schola as one of Fox House, she was privately educated.  

Family background

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She is one of the Cousins, the human lines descended from the Grandmothers, seven of the Fatae. The Cousins manage various liminal spaces of Albion, where the Fatae lands touch with the human physical world. As with most of hte Cousins, Vivian is older than she looks - born in 1859, she's in her mid-60s but looks more like her early 50s at the oldest.
  Vivian has an excellent reputation as solver of problems. She runs a small private agency that deals with a wide range of confidential matters. A third of her work is for the Ministry, situations they can't resolve internally, a third clients who need discretion, and about a third for the Guard, where they don't have specialists to spare or can't invoke the formal judicial oaths due to lack of evidence (or in some cases, need additional information before they can investigate).  

Appears In


Goblin Fruit

  Vivian employs Lizzie Penhallow during Goblin Fruit, and helps her coordinate with Geoffrey Carillon.  

Seven Sisters

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When her assistant asks her to hear out Farran Michaels, Vivian agrees. Farran reports on some unusual and worrying events at Thebes, his family home. It is currently in charge of his uncle, Cadmus Michaels until Farran is of age, run as a genteel and academically-minded boarding house. The mysterious events are driving off residents, and scarying everyone.   Vivian arrives, giving her name as Ann Porter, and settles in to figure out what's going on. The arrival of her cousin, Robin Aelfdane complicates the issue: she can't figure out what he's up to, but she's sure he's up to something. After Cadmus catches Vivian after one of the rituals to honour her Grandmother, they have to talk about their secrets and work together to save the house and the people in it.

Fool's Gold

Vivian appears briefly in Fool's Gold untangling her Cousin Robin's affairs.



  Born: 1859   Family:   Profession: Confidential investigator and solver of problems   Education: Privately educated