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Explore Albion! Use the links at the sidebar to explore, or you can click onto the map for more specifics. Read on below the maps for some navigation tips.   For accessibility, the maps for Schola and Trellech have extensive text description on those pages, and the locations for other locations are described in general geographic terms on their respective pages.   Also, the British Isles are very long north-south, so I've focused on England and Wales, where most of the locations are. You can zoom out or move the focus of the map to see Scotland.  

Overall map

A map of Albion's major and most interesting locations. (Map created by Michael MB.)

Demesne lands

Here are the land magic estates named or mentioned so far.    
Demesne lands
A map of the estates associated with the land magic (mentioned in detail so far).


Curious where the portals named so far are? This map will show you. Here, defunct portals are black. Fatae-created portals are purple, and portals created after the Pact depend on the type of portal (blue for water, green for tree, and grey for stone.)   These are just portals that have been referenced or strongly implied so far, there are a number of others.    
Portal locations
Locations of portals (in Albion) mentioned so far in any detail.

Navigation help

If you click the "full size" button below a map, it will load in the whole screen.   Zoom in or out with your mouse or the + and - signs in the top left corner.   Click on a map marker to get more information about that item (either as a pop-up on the map or by opening a panel on the side of your screen if you're in full size mode).   On the main Albion map, you can adjust which groups of markers you can see with the layer tool in the top right corner (i.e. just plot locations, demesne estates that feature in the books, the Five Schools, or magical communities.)   By default, all of them are on. (The other maps only have one group.)