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The Hare and the Oak

In the spring of 1926, Lionel Baddock comes to The Council to admit that the landmagic is failing on his Suffolk estate. He wonders if there is a possible alternate heir.   A short time later, Cyrus Smythe-Clive and Mabyn Teague find themselves locating a potential heir, and settling in to spend the next few months seeing if they can find a way to solve the problems with the land magic.  
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Heroine survived an emotionally abusive and restrictive marriage (ended by the death of her husband). Hero’s wife died unexpectedly in childbirth (referred to, but not in any degree of medical or explicit details.) Later in life romance.

Notable people

Mabyn Teague (main)
Cyrus Smythe-Clive (main)
  Along with Lionel Baddock, Nora Martin, Eustacia Baddock, and Lady Jenifry Alton.


Dinas Emrys: The Council Keep, Manchester, Baddock Hall in Suffolk
Related books
Cyrus's first appearance is in Sailor's Jewel (his sister's romance). Mabyn appears briefly at the end of Eclipse.   They both appear in a number of the Land Mysteries series.
Cover of The Hare and the Oak. A man and woman silhouetted on a brown and green background. She wears a dress with long sleeves and calf-length skirts, he wears a suit and half-cloak. A hare leaping out of an oakleaf is inset in the top left.

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