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Cyrus Smythe-Clive

Cyrus Smythe-Clive has been a member of The Council since 1892 (when he was quite young indeed) following the death of his beloved wife Tanith. A specialist in Ritual magic, he has a close relationship with his sister Rhoe Belisama and his daughter Gemma.   Along with Alexander Landry, he has handled most of the trips outside of Albion on Council business for a number of years. He's a skilled Ritual magic specialist, as well as a competent duellist He is a member of Animus Mundi.  
Family background
Cyrus comes from a well-off and respected family who aren't quite sure what to do with either Cyrus or his sister Rhoe Belisama (both very successful, but in different ways than expected).   Cyrus's life has pivotted around the death of his beloved wife Tanith during the birth of their daughter, Gemma, which led Cyrus into challenging for the Council very young. Now that Gemma is an adult, they have a fond and teasing relationship. He keeps a flat in Trellech, as well as at the family home.
Sailor's Jewel
In Sailor's Jewel, Cyrus and Rhoe are travelling to America (on a bit of Council business) when the stone he is conveying draws some entirely unwanted attention. He must use his ritual skills to help solve the problem, while also teasing Rhoe.
Bound For Perdition
Cyrus appears briefly in Bound For Perdition when Reggie and Lynet need additional influence to make progress. He is working on War-related logistics at the time.
Carry On
Cyrus appears briefly in Carry On to lend support and witness one of Rhoe's particular plots.
During Eclipse, Thesan Wain and Isembard Fortier spend some time talking with Cyrus and a couple of other Council members at the Winter Solstice celebrations at The Council Keep
The Hare And The Oak
In The Hare and the Oak, Cyrus is intrigued by the problem Mabyn has picked up from the first - and after he helps scry for a lost heir, he's even more willing to help. He's not sure what to make of Mabyn's reserve and caution, but as they continue to work together, they discover they have quite a lot in common. The next steps, however, will require Cyrus to come to grips with his own past.
Best Foot Forward
As Best Foot Forward, Alexander is uncertain about whether he can trust Cyrus at all, now Cyrus is Head of the Council. When Alexander returns from Berlin, they begin to talk again.
Old As The Hills
As head of the Council during the Second World War, Cyrus is juggling many sharp objects and political choices during Old As The Hills. He reaches out to the Penelopes for assistance figuring out the interactions of magical and esoteric approaches to the war, and then supervises the project when Gabriel Edgarton and Isobel Thomas take it on. His work and life are also complicated and changed by the death of a Council member.
Upon A Summer's Day
As Head of the Council, Cyrus is front and centre for some of the decisions and formalities around Gabe's challenge. He, Mabyn, and Alexander also meet to discuss the Council dynamics and implications several times.
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Schola , Fox House


Animus Mundi  


Brother of Rhoe Belisama   Marries Tanith in 1887 Widowed in 1888 Gemma (daughter) born 1888   Partnered with Mabyn Teague from 1926


Ritual specialist
Council Member from 1889
Head of the Council from 1932