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Animus Mundi

Animus Mundi is one of the Schola societies, founded before The Pact.   They focus on ritual magics, particularly principles sympathy, alchemy, and intrinsic connection between all things that can be addressed through proper ritual. Members learn a wide range of ritual magic approaches, though they are somewhat neutral about how you apply them. (In other words, they do not have a central unifying goal beyond learning more ritual skills and using them.)   Members tend to be better off, because of the implicit space and materials costs involved. However, they take in occasional people who have a lot of promise who don't come from those families, and provide material support.  


Rhoe Belisama describes her brother Cyrus Smythe-Clive's attitude:
“Animus Mundi goes in for ritual magic. In his way, Cyrus is every bit as much a mystic as I am.”   “Ritual magic covers an ocean of possibilities.” Hugh pointed out.   Rhoe laughed again, and again, it was just joyful and relaxed. “Oh, true. In their case, about the interconnection of the world. How you do a ritual about this thing, and it ripples out. We are very much in sympathy about some things, he and I.”.

Notable members