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Overview of magic

Magical ability in Albion is roughly like any other ability people have. Think of it something like strength or speed or dexterity. There's a fairly wide natural range of capacity, but people can also learn to develop skills or techniques to make the best use of what they started with, or to (at least in some cases) improve their capacity over time. (Read more about the details of magical capacity)   One of the early things I did in laying out the demographics of Albion was to figure out the percentages of magical strength (on a rough level), as well as which professions didn't need as much magical ability, and which (like, say, magical duellists, talisman makers, or other people who spend their lives immersed in magic) needed a lot more capacity.   Magic comes in a great many forms, as well. We have duellists and weavers, ritualists and household staff, secretaries and healers. It's very hard to make comparisons between kinds of magic, because they require different combinations of inherent capacity, trained skills, and often some degree of innate inclination.   In an ideal world, part of the educational process would be more reliably directing people with specific capacities or inclinations to places where they could learn the skills that went with that.  

Forms of magic and practice

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The magical world

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