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Perfect Accord

In the spring of 1923, Charlotte Edgarton is swamped with the plans for her brother Gabe's June wedding to Rathna Stone.   When her more or less fiancĂ©, Victor, gets involved with a group dancing a complex line with mystical Arthuriana,. When she arrives at a secluded estate not too far from Glastonbury, it immediately becomes clear something decidedly unusual is going on.  
Content notes for Perfect Accord
While Charlotte goes into a difficult situation aware of the risks, the background plot deals with manipulation and possible emotional coercion of people in a group (no details of the coercion are directly depicted.) Lewis is dealing with significant pressure from different directions, including the effects of the Great War on his brother.

Notable people

Charlotte Edgarton (main)
Lewis Wright (main)
Gabriel Edgarton
Alysoun Edgarton
Richard Edgarton
Rathna Stone Edgarton
  Along with brief appearances by a number of the friends of the Edgartons, and a selection of the Guard and Penelopes.


Veritas, a manor in Somerset, the Owlery, and Lewis's family home.
Two silhouetted figures in 1920s casual clothing. The man is handing the woman a perfume bottle, and she is testing it on the inside of her wrist. The right upper corner has a perfume bottle inset.

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