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Owl House

One of the seven Schola houses. The house magics focus on knowledge - they specialise in indexing and information locating magics, but also have an interest in the arts of civilisation. They gather in The Owlery, one of the House clubs in Trellech's Club Row.   During Eclipse, Dipti Acharya is Owl's Head of House.  

Colours and symbols

  • Colours: Tawny brown and silver, also shades of grey.
  • Stone: White or pale stone - a moonstone, white opal, or some people use pearls.
  • Heraldry: tenne a owl affronty argent

About the house

“I was the model of a very conventional Owl, really. Nose in my books, not much trouble for my teachers. Unusual in that I didn’t really find a specialty, but it turns out that didn’t matter. A good bookseller is often a generalist, interested in a bit of just about everything.”

Notable characters