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Cammie Gates

Cammie Gates is the daughter of Pross Gates and the late Octavian Gates who died when she was 8.   She is in tutoring school during Magician's Hoard, and a first year student in Owl House at Schola during Chasing Legends.   Cammie has her father's tight curly black hair - softening a bit to waves in adulthood - and brown skin. As a child and student she had her mother's blue eyes, but they darkened to brown-black around the time she left Schola. No one has ever quite dared to ask why.   She has been extremely close with Hypatia Ward (technically her aunt by marriage, but they're within a few years of each other, that's ridiculous.) Both are devoted aunts to Susanna Ward, Pross and Ibis's daughter.   Cammie apprenticed with Giles Lefton in mathematics and cryptopgraphy. She's spent much of her time before Illusion of a Boar doing signals and cryptography work before getting assigned to that project.  

Magician's Hoard
Cammie is at tutoring school during much of the events of Magician's Hoard. She is entirely dubious of Ibis Ward when he turns up in a downpour late one night, before Pross reminds her of the obligations of hospitality.
Chasing Legends
During Chasing Legends, Cammie and Hypatia Ward are at Schola over the winter holidays, enjoying the festivities with Ibis and Pross.
Illusion of a Boar
At the beginning of Illusion of a Boar, Cammie has been using her skills at languages and cryptography as a signals expert. Glad to be back with her chosen sister Hypatia Ward, she's hiding a secret or two from the others they're working with.
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Schola, Owl House


Daughter of Pross and Octavian Gates
Step-daughter of Ibis Ward
Older sister of Susanna Ward

  Chosen sister of Hypatia Ward


Cryptographer and mathematician
  Apprenticed with Giles Lefton