Mabyn Teague

Mabyn Teague is a member of The Council, and has been since 1895. A specialist in Materia and Alchemy, she keeps to her own small circle of allies.   She is a member of Many Are The Waters.  

Family background

Mabyn was Lady Teague, until the death of her husband. These days, she leaves those matters to her son, Davin, Lord Teague, in Devon.  

Appears In



Mabyn appears briefly at the end of Eclipse, at the request of Helen Trembley, to help look at some longer-term educational decisions.  

The Hare and the Oak

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Mabyn is on duty at Dinas Emrys: The Council Keep when a man in his thirties - Lord Baddock - asks for the Council's help with a land magic issue. She ends up working more closely with Cyrus Smythe-Clive, a fellow Council member than she had previously.



Born: 1863   Family:   Profession: Council Member,
Materia specialist, Alchemist   Education: Schola, Owl House