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Upon A Summer's Day

In the immediate aftermath of Old As The Hills in August 1940, Gabriel Edgarton has choices to make. There's a question he must say 'yes' to, no matter how much he'd rather not.   Answering that question brings him deep into the mysteries of the land magic, wide-ranging Council politics, and the question of what he's made for. He has people who love him, who are glad to support him, but he must make the final choices himself. The rest of the world hasn't stopped with demands, as Britain and Albion are in the midst of the Blitz, with all that means.  
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Direct sequel to Old As The Hills, and best read after it. ADHD central character, dealing with social and professional implications for his London-born Bengali wife. Takes place during the second half of 1940, during the Blitz, and includes the immediate aftermath of the bombing of Coventry (no explicit details). Involves varying levels of Albion's politics.

Notable People

Gabriel Edgarton (point of view)
Rathna Stone Edgarton (point of view)
Alexander Landry (point of view)
Geoffrey Carillon (point of view)
Richard Edgarton (point of view)
Alysoun Edgarton (point of view)
Cyrus Smythe-Clive
Mabyn Teague
Silvia Warren
  Along with other Council Members, and various others interested in the machinations of the Council.  


Veritas, Dinas Emrys: The Council Keep, Ytene, and various private homes and public spaces in Trellech.

Related books
Rathna and Gabe have their romance in The Fossil Door and the extra Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna. The full list of books about the Edgartons can be found in the Edgarton family arc.   Best Foot Forward and Nocturnal Quarry lay the groundwork for Old As The Hills and Upon A Summer's Day

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