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Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna

"Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna" is an extra for The Fossil Door

"Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna" are three different sets of scenes from Gabriel Edgarton and Rathna Stone lives, from childhood through to after The Fossil Door.   It's about 27,000 words total, and you can find details below.

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Three Tales for Gabe and Rathna

  These stories do contain spoilers for some key points of The Fossil Door, and also probably won't make much sense if you haven't read those books. They include a number of people connected to the Edgartons (noted below), as well as Rathna's apprentice mistress, Avigail Levy.  
Check out the Books and extras timeline for how the different sections of these tales fit into the larger world of Albion. Extras are also linked from their related book page.
  The Extras page has a complete list of extras with a brief summary, along with some other helpful information.

Why this story?

The more I worked on The Fossil Door, the more I got curious about several turning points in both their lives. The chance to write some sections from the point of view of other important people in their lives was also a delight.  

The Three Tales

A Gentle Touch

  Avigail Levy's first interview with Rathna until she formally becomes an apprentice. From Avigail's point of view.
  • November 1907: Avigail interviews potential students to consider for apprenticeship in the future.
  • December 1907: Rathna arrives at Avigail's home for the holidays.
  • June 1908: Rathna introduces herself to a portal, under gentle supervision.
  • April 1911: Ratha finishes her education at Schola and begins her apprenticeship.
  • September 1922: Avigail wishes to know Gabe's intentions. 

The Light of Knowledge

  Gabriel Edgarton's education in various important matters. From Gilbert Oxley's point of view.
  • June 1916: Alysoun Edgarton and Gil lay some intellectual lures for Gabe.
  • March 1918: In the immediate aftermath of Gabe's injury, Gil pays close attention to what Gabe actually needs.
  • February 1919: Gil offers some advice on navigating interpersonal challenges.
  • April 1922: Gil gives Rathna a tour of Veritas.

Three Times Told

  When Gabe and Rathna return from their trip at the end of The Fossil Door, they have three key conversations.
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