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Gilbert Oxley

Gilbert Oxley is an architectural magic specialist. Educated at Schola in Bear House, he apprenticed in the Guard before serving in the Army in the Sudan.   While fighting, he took a bad injury that ended in amputation of his lower left leg below the knee, and months of fighting recurring infections.  

Appears In

Four Walls and a Heart
The Fossil Door
Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna
(Point of view for "The Light of Knowledge")
Insterstitial Moments

Four Walls and a Heart
When Magni discovers that Gil - a friend, but not close - has come back from the Mahdist War and is in the Temple of Healing, he visits. From there, things spiral into an unexpected seaside stay, a mysterious house, and the two of them figuring out whether they can actually have what they want in life.
Gil appears in Pastiche when Richard Edgarton visits Magni Torham in the Temple of Healing. Once Richard visits their home, he realises that Gil and Magni are romantic partners, something he never expected.
The Fossil Door
Gil is at the party at the end of The Fossil Door, as well as the conversation the next morning.
Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna
Gil is the point of view character for "The Light of Knowledge", one section of Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna. He also appears in other parts of this extra.
Interstitial Moments
Gil appears briefly during Insterstitial Moments, in conversation with Thesan and Isembard Fortier
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Schola, Bear House


Partner of Magni Torham from 1884

Chosen uncle of
Gabriel and Charlotte Edgarton


Guard apprentice to 1881
Army from 1881-1884
Architectural magic specialist