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Gabriel Edgarton

Gabriel Anthony Edgarton (a.k.a. Gabe)

Gabriel Edgarton is the firstborn son of Richard Edgarton and Alysoun Edgarton, Lord and Lady Edgarton. He grew up at Veritas in Kent before attending Schola and being sorted into Salmon House. A disabling injury in March of 1918 kept him from fighting in the Great War, and changed how he looked at himself forever.   His birth is mentioned in Pastiche, and he appears as a child a few times in that book. He officially becomes his father's Heir at the age of 11.   At the start of The Fossil Door, Gabriel is one of the Penelopes, working on cases requiring specialised magical and investigative talents for the Guard.   Gabe lives with what we'd call ADHD - he has a quick mind, is a gifted solver of complicated problems, but he also has some challenges around impulse control. He's never met a window he didn't want to climb out of, or a horse he didn't want to charge around on.  
In an early chapter of Pastiche, Richard visits Alysoun just after Gabe's birth. Gabe (and Charlotte can be seen in later chapters as small children.
The Fossil Door
During The Fossil Door, Gabe and Rathna must work together to figure out why a newly established portal is no longer working. She is prickly and Gabe wants to figure out why. (Gabe always wants to know why.) He, for his part, has never trusted someone with the truth of his injury. Together, they figure out the problem with the portal. Together, they learn about trust, fix the portal.   At the end of the book, Rathna proposes a trip to India, in order to meet her extended family, and to see if a particular ritual brings Gabe into better relationships with snakes.
Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna
Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna is a mailing list extra that includes scenes from Gabe and Rathna's lives before and after The Fossil Door. It includes the immediate aftermath of Gabe's injury, as well as him telling his family about the detaisl after their return from India.
Perfect Accord
Gabe is preparing for his marriage to Rathna Stone Edgarton when Perfect Accord begins, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have time to spare for his sister, Charlotte Edgarton. Both before and after she finds some trouble.
Interstitial Moments
Gabe appears in Insterstitial Moments along with Rathna, welcoming Thesan and Isembard into a closer connection (with a side of a friendly duel).
Old As The Hills
Old As The Hills finds Gabe, now entering his 40s, dealing with the challenges presented by World War 2. He and his apprentice, Isobel Thomas, have a key project - navigating the spaces between Albion's magical response to the war and the magical and esoteric responses of people not of Albion.   At the same time, his wife Rathna has a project that might save lives, but brings its own risks. Through 1939 and into 1940, Gabe faces new challenges, including an unexpected interaction with the Fatae.
Upon A Summer's Day
Gabe is the centre of the book, taking on answering the question posed to him by Alexander at the end of Old As The Hills. Will he make a challenge for the Council? Yes, he will, but in his own way and to his own standards.
Illusion of a Boar
In Illusion of a Boar, Claudio Warren comes to consult Gabe about a key part of their project, and gets some unexpected new information to consider.
As The Ground Shifts
In As The Ground Shifts, Gabe first tests Orion Sisley's duelling skills and then has an epic conversation with Claudio Warren about Council matters and other topics.
The Magic of Four
Gabe both anchors a particular bit of community celebration during the book, and investigates one of the key discoveries at the end of the book (along with Claudio).
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Schola, Salmon House




Penelope   Apprenticed with Lucy Doyle.
  Mentored by
Elizabeth Mason and Agatha Witt   Apprentice master for Isobel Thomas
and Claudio Warren (from 1945)