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Alysoun Edgarton

Alysoun Edgarton comes from a family with a long history. Needing to make a good marriage to improve her younger brother's political prospects, she marries Richard Edgarton on June 1st, 1899 (in the first chapter of Pastiche). They promptly have two children, tidily fulfilling Alysoun's side of the marriage agreements.   Their son, Gabriel Edgarton, is born shortly after Richard inherits the title of Lord Edgarton and the estate of Veritas at his father's death. However, by the time Charlotte Edgarton is born in 1903, Alysoun is dealing with a mysterious and exhausting illness. (See the notes on Pastiche below for more about that.)   Pastiche is the story of how Alysoun and Richard grew into their relationship and marriage. Alysoun also appears briefly in Wards of the Roses and has her own role to play in On The Bias. She and Richard have some family matters come up at the end of The Fossil Door. Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna explores some of the family dynamics throughout Gabe's life in more detail.  

Social circles

The Edgartons maintain several (usually distinct) sets of social circles. They move comfortably among the Lords, Ladies, Magistrates, and other high-ranking members of Albion society. However, they cherish their time in more private settings with family friends, a few chosen colleagues, and others who appreciate their mix of commitment, clear-sightedness, and honour.   These include Gilbert Oxley, Magni Torham, Elizabeth Mason, Agatha Witt, Rosemary Ditson, Kate Davies, Giles Lefton, and Geoffrey Carillon.  
Pastiche is the story of an arranged marriage - Alysoun and Richard - turning into the love match and partnership they have in the later books. Throughout the book, Alysoun finds herself exploring the world in a different way, despite her medical challenges. Clever, clear-sighted, and well-read, Alysoun has a lot to offer to any investigation, as Richard promptly discovers once he gives her a chance.   Alysoun deals with the complexities of fibromyalgia throughout the book (and her life), though it's never called that in the text. (The earlier name for it, fibrositis, didn't come into common use in the non-magical medical community until late in 1906, after the end of the book.)   Alysoun sometimes struggles with exhaustion, pain, brain fog, and other unpleasant symptoms, but as she notes in the book, being able to retreat to the Roman baths at the centre of Veritas, the Edgarton family estate, is a great comfort.   During the course of Pastiche, Alysoun begins a long-lasting friendship with Gilbert Oxley and Magni Torham.
Wards of the Roses
Alysoun appears briefly at the end of Wards of the Roses to reassure Kate Davies and welcome her to her new role. She and Richard have been friends with Giles Lefton since before the Great War.   (Kate mentions in Country Manners that Alysoun helped her sort out clothes suiable for dealing with Giles' conservative and finicky grandmother and family for a holiday visit.)
Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna
A mailing list extra, Three Tales of Gabe and Rathna explores scenes from Gabriel Edgarton and Rathna Stone's lives, before, during, and after the events of The Fossil Door.   These include Gabe's education and injury (and recovery), as well as Gabe finally telling his family the details of what happened that day.
The Fossil Door
At the end of The Fossil Door, Alysoun and Richard's son, Gabe, brings Rathna Stone home to meet his family. There is a costume party (something Alysoun swore in Pastiche she would only do once she was sure her guests would play along wiht the theme). Alysoun warms to Rathna quickly, and helps talk Richard down from his assumptions about what Gabe's future wife should be like.
Perfect Accord
Richard and Alysoun are preparing for Gabe and Rathna's wedding in Perfect Accord when their daughter Charlotte finds some trouble that needs attention.
On The Bias
Alysoun (along with Giles Lefton) assists with matters at the end of On The Bias.
Old As The Hills
Richard and Alysoun are supportive of Gabe and Rathna's projects during Old As The Hills, providing advice and good sense.
Upon A Summer's Day
Alysoun is one of the point of view characters in the book, along with her husband Richard. They bring their particular approach to parenting and problem-solving to the challenges Gabe is facing.
Three Graces
In Three Graces, Alysoun is one of the point of view characters investigating the death of Temple and Delphina Carillon (and the direct cause) back in 1922.
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Married name

Lady Alysoun Edgarton


Schola, Fox House




Lady, manages Veritas
Consultant analyst for the Guard