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Set mostly in 1906, Pastiche is the tale of how Alysoun Edgarton and Richard Edgarton moved from arranged marriage to a love match.   Richard and Alysoun have done everything asked of them. Richard has built a solid career as a member of the Guard, while Alysoun tends to the family estate at Veritas and their two children, Gabriel Edgarton and Charlotte Edgarton. However, they have no idea how to be together in private.   When Alysoun spots something odd at a new exhibit at The Albion Museum and asks for Richard's help, it changes their lives and marriage forever.  
Content notes for Pastiche (click to read)
Arranged marriage to lovers trope. Main character dealing with what we would call fibromyalgia (and they called fibrositis). Main character who is part of the Guard, Albion’s equivalent of a police force (among other things) and ongoing discussion of his current work and duties. Duelling. Secondary character who is an amputee due to war injuries.

Notable people

Alysoun Edgarton (main)
Richard Edgarton (main)
Magni Torham (secondary)
Gilbert Oxley (secondary)
Elizabeth Mason (minor)
  Also various other Guards, Penelopes, socialites, and museum staff.
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Cover of Pastiche. A man and woman in Edwardian dress silhouetted against a bright teal background, with a stained glass window in golden yellow and muted purple behind them.

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