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Guard Hall

The Guard Hall is the centre of The Guard, Albion's peacekeepers and investigative force. The Hall is actually a complex of buildings that includes the main Hall, offices, workspace for the Penelopes, and a large duelling salle and training ground.   Most specialists in the Guard are based in Trellech, but there is a large network of village Guards who see to minor issues (or call in specialised help as needed) in the individual magical communities.  


The Guard is largely led by Captains who oversee speciality units or who take part in a duty rota for general calls and issues. Duties include:  
  • Tending to non-magical people who stumble into magical spaces (relatively rare per capita, but a regular occurance when you take an entire country into consideration.)
  • Wards and protections
  • Continuing magics, such as infrastructure
  • Escort duty
  • Investigating murder and other crimes
  • Commercial crimes like adulterated goods, fraud, etc.
  See Guard for additional details.  


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