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Wards of the Roses

In June of 1920, a manor dating from the 1400s pops back into existence in Oxfordshire after being magically hidden for centuries. Giles Lefton has been asked to investigate it, and figure out how to get access to the property. Blinded by gas during the War, he needs a capable assistant.   Kate Davies comes from a sprawling Welsh family, but she has given her life to the Guard. When she first meets Giles, she is deeply curious about the assignment, but not entirely sure she can offer the skills he needs. Together, they discover the mysteries of Mannering House while dealing with Giles' difficult cousin/assistant and navigating unfamiliar magics.  
Content notes for Wards of the Roses (click to read)
Hero was blinded during the War by magical gas. Vulnerabilities of relying on others for certain tasks (especially financial). Class and gender issues when dealing with people of higher status.

Notable people

Kate Davies (main)
Giles Lefton (main)
Richard Edgarton (secondary)
Alysoun Edgarton (minor)   Also: Phillip Vale, Adria Hudson, librarians, various Penelopes and researchers.
Related books
Kate and Giles feature in Country Manners, a novella over the winter holidays in 1921 just before their wedding. Both also appear briefly in other books.
Cover of Wards of the Roses. A man and woman in 1920s clothing silhouetted on a red background that shades to vivid orange-peach at the bottom. A rose is inset in the top right.

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