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Mysterious Charm series

The Mysterious Charm series follows the connections between Geoffrey Carillon and various other people in his life and lands (in a broad sense).   These books can be read in any order. I do recommend reading Goblin Fruit before On The Bias - more fun that way! However, for those who want to read in the series order, here it is:  

Cover of Outcrossing. A silhouetted man and woman in 1920s clothing standing next to each other, silhouetted on a green background. A chestnut pony's head is inset in the top right.


  1922   Rufus, Ferry, smugglers in the New Forest, and making a future.

Goblin Fruit

  1924   Geoffrey, Lizzie and a dangerous magical drink.

Magician's Hoard

  1926   Ibis, Pross, and a curious research problem.

Cover of Wards of the Roses. A man and woman in 1920s clothing silhouetted on a red background that shades to vivid orange-peach at the bottom. A rose is inset in the top right.

Wards of the Roses

  1920   Giles, Kate, and a mysterious house guarded by roses.

In The Cards

  1925   Galen, Martin, and Laura at a house party on a remote island (with a murder).

Cover of On The Bias. A man and woman in 1920s clothing are silhouetted against a pale green, yellow, and purple background. A brightly coloured rooster is inset in the top right.

On The Bias

  1925   Benton, Cassie, with dressmaking, gossip, and three dangerous birds.

Cover of Seven Sisters. A thin angular woman and man in 1920s dress silhouetted on a background of lavender and grey. Bright green curling vines are inset in the top right.

Seven Sisters

  1922   Cadmus, Vivian, investigating strange happenings in a manor house.

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