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Laura Penhallow

Laura Penhallow is the younger sister of Lizzie Penhallow. Laura survived tuberculosis, but at the cost of her school years - she attended Schola in Seal House for only two years before being whisked off to a sanitaria for treatment.   After she recovered, her father and uncle disappeared while on an expedition, leaving Laura and Lizzie to make their own way in the world.   Lizzie and Laura's relationship changes over the books, from unsure of each other to a closer friendly mutually supportive relationship as they settle into adult lives.  

Appears In

Goblin Fruit
In The Cards‌ (main)
Point By Point
Goblin Fruit
At the beginning of Goblin Fruit, Laura has found a job working for Tibbie Morland, who is involved in an unspecified new business opportunity. That turns out to be making goldwasser, an addictive magical drink that draws on the magic gold (and other) coins carry.   As Lizzie Penhallow learns more about the risks, she begs Laura to avoid drinking more. At the end of the book, Laura hikes away from one of the house parties where the drink is being widely shared. While she struggles with the memories, she does manage to put it behind her given time.
In The Cards
After Lizzie Penhallow marries Geoffrey Carillon and they go off on honeymoon, Laura accepts an invitation from Galen Amberly and his family (all right, mostly his mother) to visit and see how they get on. Galen's mother is matchmaking, and Laura is a likely candidate. Laura arrives and meets Galen and his best friend Martin Taylor.   Of course, it all goes horribly wrong, when Galen's father invites an American brother and sister, Basil and Senara Wilson. When Senara is found dead the morning after a party and the island home is cut off due to a malfuctioning portal, Laura, Galen, and Martin work together to figure out much of what is going on. In the process, Laura realises that much as she likes Galen, they would make a bad long-term match. She and Martin, on the other hand, might balance each other nicely.   During the book, Laura talks to both Galen and Martin about her experieces with long-term possibly terminal illness, and the effects of the goldwasser. At the end of the book,
Point By Point
Laura appears (along with Martin) in several scenes of Point By Point as they support Galen Amberly and Lydia Pyle's plans.
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Schola, Seal House
(Left school in her second year due to illness)  


Sister to Lizzie Penhallow Carillon   Partner of Martin Taylor from 1925   Good friends with Galen Amberly