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Point By Point

Lydia Pyle needs to make her name as a journalist. When she comes to Galen Amberly for help investigating the aftermath of a story from earlier in the year, he agrees to help. It leads them into a realm of horse racing, a rather fast set, and dangerous ritual magic.  
Content notes for Point By Point (click to read)
Hero dealing with past major changes in his family (related to In The Cards). Heroine trying to make her reputation as a journalist. Class differences. Dangerous ritual moments. Secondary character with major facial injury.

Notable people

Lydia Pyle (main)
Galen Amberly (main)
Martin Taylor (secondary)
Laura Penhallow (secondary)
Julius Amberly and Blythe Norton (secondary)
  Also various members of the Dwellers At The Forge,
Captain FitzRanulf and Captain Orland of the Guard among others.


Trellech, the Dwellers At The Forge, the Amberly home, various racetracks, London.
Related books
Galen first appears in In The Cards with Martin and Laura. It also explains the situation with his parents and his brother before this book.   Magician's Hoard has the background on the snake cult prior to this book.
Cover of Point By Point. A man and woman in 1920s dress silhouetted on a terra-cotta and deep red background, with a Mesopotamian lion with bright blue wings inset in the top left.

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