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Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor's family has come up in the world. His mother began her adult life in service as a nursemaid, before eventually marrying his father, an accountant. An older sister died of tuberculosis, which has also taken other members of his extended family.   Martin did well on his exams, and entered Schola, being sorted into Boar House. There, he met Galen Amberly when they were both selected as candidates for the Dwellers At The Forge, a secret society focused on a Promethean mode of progressive approaches to knowledge, learning, and political action.   By the time In The Cards begins, Martin has gotten some regular reporting assignments, but he is still working to establish himself and find a secure position as a journalist.  

Appears In

In The Cards‌ (main)
Point By Point
In The Cards
In In The Cards, Martin joins his friend Galen for a weekend visit. Galen's mother is trying to marry him off. Martin likes Laura Penhallow. Galen's parents disapprove of Martin, and so do two other guests, American siblings Basil and Senara Wilson.   When Senara turns up dead, Galen, Martin, and Laura need to figure out what happened before Martin gets accused of the murder. Martin also has to navigate his growing feelings for Laura.
Point By Point
In Point By Point, Martin is right there to support Galen Amberly (and Lydia Pyle) in their plans.
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Schola, Boar House


Dwellers At The Forge  


Partner of Laura Penhallow from 1925
  Best friend of Galen Amberly