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Lydia Pyle

Lydia Pyle has spent the last decade and more taking on challenging and often immersive journalism stories. After leaving Dunwich, she took on stories with some risk, and some acclaim. But it's time - past time - for her to make a name for herself and get a steady long-term position if she can.   Lydia grew up in London, in a working class families (she is very familiar with eel pie and other dockworker food).  

Appears In

Point By Point‌ (main)

Point By Point
In Point By Point, Lydia draws on a somewhat tenous connection to friends in the Dwellers At The Forge to ask Galen Amberly for help with introductions. She's sure there's a story in the aftermath of the events of Magician's Hoard but she's not sure how to get to it.
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Partner of Galen Amberly from 1926