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Want to explore a series? Here are the options.
You can explore connections between families or interests in Arcs.


1920s (and a little earlier)

Each book is a standalone romance, featuring a particular couple.
  (In a couple of cases, you may wish to read books in a specific order to avoid spoilers for other plots, these are noted on the relevant series pages.)  

Mysterious Charm series

Explore the connections of Geoffrey Carillon and his friends and associates.  

Mysterious Powers series

  A look into how the Great War affected the institutions of Albion -
the Temple of Healing, education, journalism, and the land magic.  

Mysterious Arts series

The arts of Albion - bookbinding, perfume, theatre, and more  

Second World War


Land Mysteries series

WW2 poses many new challenges - both for individuals and for Albion itself.
(Includes a number of characters from the 1920s series later in life.)  



Charms of Albion series

Dip into earlier periods, and romances (currently all Edwardian)  

Other stories


Novellas and stories

Enjoy novellas and other tales from varying times in Albion.

Want a little more?

From time to time I write extras that fill in details, expand on scenes that happen in the background, or help me figure out what other characters are doing in during specific bits of plot. I share these with my newsletter, but you can find out all about them and whether you're interested in reading them.

Series & Arcs